33 thoughts on “Tally 9 :How to start writing books of Accounts

  1. Savita Divekar says:

    i want to learn tally

  2. ramakrishnan says:

    i had a doubt in payment mode, if i go to agst ref in payment i am not getting bill details please clarify

  3. vikas kadam says:

    i want to learn tally9 cencearly p/s give any suggestion to learn about tally9 and other version of tally………..

  4. ashish sharma says:

    I would like to learn tally as i have been working as a it executive from last 6 months but i want to change my profile now let me know about the fees structure including tax i will pay in the installations..

  5. is it possible to come as an accountant by study throw internet -tally 9
    if yes pl send details

  6. T Narayana Rao says:

    Dear sir,

    please send to me some documents working knowledge of tally9

  7. i want to learn tally online…..tell me how do i start…

  8. SudharaniSudha says:

    hi sir

    i want to learn tally how to do

  9. How to load tally9 software

  10. i want to learn tally9 how to operate i no littel much to opperate but i want to learn more in it please u will teach me tally9

  11. bharat raju says:

    i want to learn tally

  12. can u pls tell how to configure tally for hotels.
    example:room booking,check-in.check-out and room status

  13. arjun kumar giri says:

    thank you sir…..
    I got solution of problem related tally erp9

  14. DEEPAK KUMAR JHA says:


  15. kirit thakkar says:

    dear sir, i learn tally 9. i want c.d for basic financial accounting,traders accounting & invenntory,manufacturing accounting – we want 3 c.d. tally 9. no stock in mumbai. if your distributors in mumbai please give me tel./mob no.

  16. i did my tally but dont have working experience. if i face interview how can i manage please reply to this mail ap_punith@yahoo.com.. please…..

    • hi……..im workin with a company as a accountant……… i dnt think so that u ll face lots of problems……no need to waist money onto couching…..u need more practice to make perfect…tally is very easy.

  17. sudarshan Rane says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Sudarshan Rane. Currently joining Tally 9 version but i am not satisfied with this can you provide Tally notes .

  18. Sohan kataria says:

    Now i am doing tally accounting course so want to get some information about can yuo please provide?

  19. sir, please tell me profit in tally course

  20. i learn to tally course………………………. pls pls pls help me my friendsssssssss

  21. i want to learn tally 9

  22. Hello sir.
    . I am just starting my little Business .but I want to maintain it with tally. I start my business Nov 2011. But now I want to maintain it with tally9 . So please tell me that which last stock I have ……? Can i make a entry in physical stock or in entry values where should be affected. ..please sir help me.


  24. I want to learn Tally erp 9, and want to join your forum. But how?,

  25. I want to learn Excise & Payroll. Can u plz help me

  26. I want to write a book of basic tally erp 9.
    So, I want to know that what is the process of permission.

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