how to modify Ledger Master : Learn TDL

It's no secret that TDL is Tally's programming language and by learning TDL, you can alter default reports in Tally. You can create your own reports, can change an existing reports or can integrate Tally with other application to import/export seamless data.

We are providing free TDL to help you to learn TDL . The video on Address book TDL become very popular among tallynine reader. Here is one more free TDL to add bank details e.g. bank Account no., IFSC Code No. Name of Bank etc in Debtor’s Creditors Master Ledger Account. Latter on we will see how to use this newly add bank details in contact details.

[#Part :Led Contact]
Add: Lines : Bank Ac,Bankname,IFSCno

[Line : Bank Ac]
Fields : Medium prompt, Bank Ac

Local :field : Medium prompt :Set as : ” Bank Account Number :”

[line :Bankname]
Field : Medium prompt,bank name
Local : Field : medium prompt : Set as :” Name of bank:”

[Line :IFSCno]
Field :medium prompt, IFSCno
local :Field : medium prompt : Set as : ” IFSC Code No:”

[Field : Bank Ac]
use : Name Field
Storage : BankDt

[Field : bank name]
Use : Name Field
Storage :bankname

[Field : IFSCno]
Use : Name Field
Storage : IFSC

[System : UDF]
BankDt : String : 1001

[System : UDF]
bankname: String :1002

[System : UDF]
IFSC : String:1003

Once you add the above TDL, the modified ledger master screen will be as per the picture shown here

led master 150x150

If you are new to TDL then you must read how to set TDL in Tally and our first  TDL in tally

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