Tally TDL how to modify company features F11 ?

My articles on TDL created a buzz in students who wanted to learn Tally TDL many of them successfully write their own TDL after reading the some posts published on this blog.

Here is one more TDL to modify the Company Feature F11.

;; Sri Ganeshji : Sri Balaji : Sri Pitreshwarji : Sri Durgaji : Sri Venkateshwara

Objective(s) -
-    This code demonstrates the usage of UDF
-    This code is written to add a new line into Company Accounting Feature screen and associate an UDF within Company

Last Modification -
-    Altered on 09-11-2009

[#Part: CMP AccFeat Right]

Option    : TSPL Smp NR CMP AccFeat Right    : NOT $$IsRemoteCompany

[!Part: TSPL Smp NR CMP AccFeat Right]

Add    : Lines        : CMP Student Fees Feature

[Line: CMP Student Fees Feature]

Fields      : Medium Prompt, CMP Student Fees Feature
Local       : Field : Medium Prompt : Info    : $$LocaleString:”Enable Student Module?”
Space Top   : 0.4

[Field: CMP Student Fees Feature]

Use        : Logical Field
Storage    : Student Feature
Sub Form: Course Offered to Students : $$Value = “Yes”

[System: UDF]

Student Feature: Logical    : 1000

;; End-of-File

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