• Mahendra

      Varughese Mathew
      If you want it, we can supply it. all support through team viewer, Gtalk and Gmail only. no on site service


    our company was to be received a particular amount from the party but they refused to pay and ask for the credit note and our company give them the cr note by having entry ” discount a/c debit to party a/c” in credit note(f8) after that they give the note printing in tally only. And last, they issued the credit note to party.

  2. Kabra Screen House

    My problem for saleling roll of different length was difficult but I got perfect solution for my problem by you .I again created Compound unit of mtr & sq.ft and all working properly,Till today I discussed this issue with many but no one gives me solution like this. First time I knew that I can type 1 roll=xxx mtr at quantaty colum. I think very few are redy to help others without any commercial view .It is my luck to have supporter like you.
    Thank you very much.

    • Mahendra

      Hello nandkishor
      I m glad that my guidance helped you.


    Dear Sir,
    I want to about … how to pass the entry for tds on subcontractors other than advertisement ………..

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