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Email News letter is a very important bridge between a reader and the blogger. You can get all updated in your mail whenever the blog is updated or a new post is published. For the benefit of readers of, I have enabled this facility since starting of the blog so that you can get the latest updates and post inside your mail box and you do not need to remember our side address url or to visit the site to get the latest update.

Further to above so many readers raise different or same  question, I write on the same and publish it  as and when time permit me so again it is not possible for me to response the answer on personal base to each reader and thus email subscription is the best solutions

I have marked that many readers are so innocent that they have no idea about how it works. Many of you have placed your email address at the subscription link under impression that you will get something miracle… some magic and after  getting the first email from the blog they feels like scary and requesting me to cancel their subscription. What I recall is the act of people who do not use their  own common sense!

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However, I don’t want to hard to you, so, today let me write about how email subscription works

There is  a subscription box on the right side bar of the site where you need to put your email address and you will receive a system generated mail from the feed burner requesting you to confirm your email address to get the delivery of news letters from our side. If you have changed your mind, and you do not want to receive mail, than don’t click the link given in the mail by the feed burner and email will not be delivered to you.

However if you have activated the subscription and after sometimes you feel frustration that you are not getting some magical which you expected from us (?) and you no longer to want any mail from us than just open any earlier mail received from our newsletters and you will find a unsubscriber link at the below of the mail just click that link and confirm your decision to unsubscribe it and we won’t send you any scary mail !

So, before filling the subscription link please think a lot if you are not sure than ask me before you activate your email subscription and once you have activated your email subscription than for God’s sack don’t ask me to cancel it Do it yourself I have no that extra time to waste after such stuff.

Again, this blog is only for people who want to learn Tally and accountancy on their own and for free and I will not give you any magic to learn Tally. Don’t come here under impression that by reading one or two post you will be able to learn Tally and will get a job of Rs. 10K+. This blog is not for all such. This blog is for serious learner and many readers have successfully implemented TDS, Vat Excise, cheque printing and solved many of their problem just by reading various post published on the blog. I want to help only such legitimate people

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