18 thoughts on “Memorandum Voucher when to use in tally?

  1. Hi Sir
    This information helps me a lot to understand this concept.

  2. sir plz tell me your phone number i want to be taught by you. my phone number is 9470444323.I try my best to solve many question through your instruction.plz call me on my number or e-mail.

    • Dear Irphan,
      I have been in a Full time as a chief accountant and it is not possible for me to discuss matter over phone due to my busy schedule.
      Whatever query you have, you may post on the support forum I will resolve the same definitely.

  3. Hello,
    I have read the article about memorandum. However I cannot enable in my Tally software. Am using Tally V 9. F10 Button in the ‘Accounting Voucher Creation’ page cannot be clicked (enabled). Pls help. Thanks.

  4. Sumer Acharya says:

    Hello Sir
    This information helps me a lot to understand this concept. Now i am using it.

  5. i wont to buy user manual for tally 09.

  6. dear sir,
    Please tell me in which case it may help

  7. Dear sir,
    Thanks for providing information about Memovoucher

  8. how to use of memorandum?

  9. Thank You verrrry Much Mahendra for such great information about Memorandam voucher

  10. agnelo tellis says:

    thanx such a wonderful information you have shared on dis site……

  11. Thanx Mr. Mahendra,
    I have been negleting memmorandum vouchers for the last few years since I dont know it’s significance.

    Please let me know if there is any way to change the font & font size in sales invoice. I also want to know is it possible to increase the height of the content portion of the invoice (My invoice s contains 20-25 items in one invoice. so it will be too many pages for one invoice. hence I dont want more space in the header or footer section . Can you help me??)

  12. jagdish Salian says:

    How to make entries for franchise distributor ??

  13. Sita ram manna says:

    Thanks for ur notes,sir i like u

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