Logo Printing in Tally

Logo Printing in Tally is one of the important feature available with Release 3 and onwards.

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Logo is considered a brand name of a company, product, image building.

Logo printing generally very much recommended to be printed in invoices, challan, pay-slips etc important documents. Here is a step by step detailed and easy procedure to enable logo printing in Tally.


Follow the steps shown below to enable and print logo / image:


1. Enable Company Logo feature in F11: Accounting Features and provide the logo / image file path.

2. Print the Sales Invoice to print with logo.

Note: You can print logo in Delivery Note, Debit/Credit Note, Outstanding Receivables, Reminder Letters, Pay Slips, Purchase Order, Receipt Voucher, Formal Receipt andConfirmation of Accounts in addition to Sales Invoice.


A. Enable Logo Printing in Tally:

1. Go to F11: Features > F1: Accounting Features.

2. Set Yes to Enable Company Logo.

logoprinting in Tally


3. Press Enter.

4. The Company Logo screen appears. Specify the path of the logo image file under Location of Logo (E.g. C:\Tally.ERP9\CompLogo.bmp), as shown:



logsetup in Tally

It is essential that the logo is saved as a Bitmap or JPEG image file and resides in the path specified by you. Ensure that the extensions .bmp /.jpg is also specified while providing the location of logo.

· The recommended size for logo image is 96 x 80 (Width x Height) pixels.

5. Save the settings.

B.Logo Printing in Tally : Invoice / Reports:

The Company’s logo is printed on the top left of the respective voucher, report or an invoice.


Note: You can print logo in Delivery Note, Debit/Credit Note, Outstanding Receivables, Reminder Letters, Pay Slips, Purchase Order, Formal Receipt and Confirmation ofAccounts in addition to Sales Invoice.

To disable logo printing temporarily, set the option Print Company Logo to No in print configuration of respective report/voucher, or, to change the current logo, provide the required path where new logo is stored in Location of Logo field.


C. Troubleshooting in Logo Printing in Tally

If the logo is not in the recommended size than you need to resize it as per the prescribed Tally supported format


To change the dimensions of logo it is suggested to open the logo using MS paint and follow the procedure shown.

· Right click on the logo

· Select Open with Paint

· Click Home select Resize

In the Resize window

· Select Pixels radio button

· Uncheck Maintain aspect ratio

· Enter 96 in Horizontal field

· Enter 80 in Vertical field.

change dimension in logo for Tally


Do, Let;s know if you use Logo Printing in Tally.

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34 thoughts on “Logo Printing in Tally

  1. Nice article post. its very useful for the companies.

  2. Problam in Logo printing
    problem is invalid pad while i follow ur guidelines

  3. sir i agree that it is very useful but it can be add in cracked version. if yes please suggest me how i can.

  4. Please quote your rates for excell to tally utility
    We are having ms excell 2010 and tally.erp9

  5. Hi Mahendra, This is a very good feature. I liked the way it has been explained here, especially about creating a logo of size 96×80. I am planning to use Tally for printing all the Invoice/PO/Delivery Note/Debit Note etc. IF you have any more resources on using Tally for printing bills, please share. Thank You

    • Hi Keshava,
      Glad to see you here after a long time.
      Hope everything is fine. And Thanks for your kind feedback.
      Surely, You can use Tally.erp 9 for printing all the invoices/PO/DN/Debit note everything.
      You can also set printing configuration through Alt +P Then F12 and set yes /no as per your requirement including Multi page Excise Invoice.

  6. Mahendra Rana sir,

    How can in insert my company logo in tally software, pls tellme thesteps


  7. I have difficulty to upload the company logo in to tally erp9 release 3.0. If i give location path like C:\tallyerp9. it shows invalid logo path. Please recommend me how to complete the process.

    • Kalappa,
      You are facing logo uploading because may be your Tally.erp 9 is installed in a different directory so, please first check it.
      Else go to your tally.erp 9 directory than copy paste this into logo path. It will work for sure.
      However I would advice you to upgrade to Release 3.2 instead of Release 3 as there were some bugs in the release 3

  8. Hello Sir,
    In My Tally ERP 9 on accounting Features There is no feature for enable logo printing.

    • Is yours an authorised version or a pirated one ?. The logo printing is not there in the pirated versions. there are many such things that do not exist in the Pirated versions.

  9. Kuldeep Singh says:

    hi Mahendra sir,
    i have done logo printing in tally with your guideness. is there any way to set logo in center of the page or top right side.when i printing a ladger’s confirmation of a/c the logo will show on top of party not on my company in left or center of the page. please help me

  10. i want to change the logo so i done f11 then the path m writing is coming wrong.please suggest me

  11. P.S. Mahendra says:

    Dear Mahendra,

    I have problem in Logo formation in client system, so tell path for client system, if save logo in client system server system will not be able to access Logo, like wise verse.

    Kindly suggest me for path for client system, for logo updation.


  12. ANOOP SHARMA says:

    How will create tally logo in erp9 education mode.

  13. I have tried every possible way to get it right but at the end it
    showed me ” Invalid logo path error. version is 3.4 please help
    thanks in advance

  14. how to share use tally9 data file in another network computer.pls give me a reply as step by step

  15. vishnu vardhan reddy says:

    delivery note printing farmant change

  16. I have tried every possible way to get it right but at the end it
    showed me ” Invalid logo path error. version is 3.4 please help
    thanks in advance

  17. I have tried every possible way to get it right but at the end it
    showed me ” Invalid logo path error. version is 3.31 please help
    thanks in advance

  18. Hello Mahendra
    This is Bhavesh
    I Have a Licence Version of Tally ERP9,
    Then Also I Don’t have an Option For Logo Printing in Tally ERP9.

    Please Guide me.

  19. hello in my tally erp 9 in accounting features the logo printing option is not available then
    i am how to print logo

  20. sir,
    in my tally 9 there has no option for enable company logo…..i tried F11-accounting features-

  21. karan verma says:

    i want to print the sale invoice in tally with only triplicate copy.

    please tell how do i print only one copy with triplicate title.

    I have ledger account of party.. can any one please tell how to print multiple sale invoice in sale invoice format.please tell me , how to do this.

  22. how to set a payment alert reminder for next week payment..to creditors…

  23. manish sharma says:

    in my tally ERP 9 .there are no Feature in enable logo please help me

    first step is…

    Press F11

    Accounting Features

    other Features in no option in enable company logo pls help me sir

  24. u did good job. i think u are a good mentor!!

  25. Can I enable the company logo in tally9 2.14

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