How to: Journal entry in Tally.ERP 9

Accounting people easily  confused about how to do Journal Entry in Tally.ERP 9. The confusion related to journal entries is high due to lack of  basic accounting knowledge and people are unsure about the classification of journal entries as there is no hard rules and journal entries very much depends on the nature of transaction  itself and the business activities being carried out.

Most common and easiest transaction recording in tally.erp 9 is the accounting  journal entry.  I will teach you how to account Journal entry in Tally.ERP 9.

What is  Journal Entry

The Wikipedia, defines  journal entries  as logging of transactions into accounting journal items. Typically journal entries consists double entry, one ledger will be debited and another ledger will be credited for the same amount. Some common examples of journal entries are bad debts provision, taxation provision, other monetary or not monetary expenses etc.

Why you should  learn accounting Journal entry

Learning  accounting Journal entry is very important for finalisation of accounting. Without understanding Journal entries, accounting data of a company will lead a mis leading and false picture of economic affairs of the company. You can impress your bosses and other companies by mastering the skill of journal entries. if there is a fire occured in your organization you are assigned to pass the damage in the books of accounts then how you will do to record ?

similarly your company has given valuable gifts to your customer then how you will record such transactions if you are not aware of accounting journal entries?

Journal entry in Tally.ERP 9 How to do?

Tally.ERP 9 have special voucher types to record specific vouchers:
01 Payment voucher to account  payment made by cash/cheque (F5)
02 Receipts Voucher to account all receipts in cash/cheque (F6)
03 Journal Voucher for transaction which does not involve cash/bank)(F7) which includes debit and credit note
04 Sales Voucher for Credit Sales (F8)
05 Purchase Vouchers for Credit Purchases (F9)

13 journal inv 160x68

So, here we will see how the entries are made in Tally through journal ?

Suppose an enterprise bought stationery items of worth of Rs. 4500 from M/s. XYZ stationery mart on credit basis.

Then go to voucher entry, press F7 select the date of invoice

Then Dr. Stationery & Printing Expenses account for Rs. 4500

and Credit XYZ Stationery Mart for Rs.4500

In narration please mention the items purchased in brief, e.g. bill no. short description of item etc.
and press enter

you have completed the journal entry.

In the above example if the above purchases was done on cash/bank payment then the same entry to be done through payment voucher(F5)

In other words all vouchers which does not include cash/bank payments or receipts and sales-purchase have to be accounted through the journal vouchers.

the easiest part of journal entry in Tally.ERP 9, is that once you are familiar of a debit and a credit ledger head, you don’t need to worry more.

  • lokesh

    how make entry of purchase of air conditnors from electronics stores by cheques.

    • Mahendra

      If your business is of selling/purchase of A.C. then debit to purchase account and credit bank account.
      Otherwsie debit to fixed assets and credit bank account.

      • annag

        hi, i have a question. if i purchase advertising on credit how is this shown in the journal? should i debit the expense account and credit accounts payable?

        • Mahendra

          Your understanding is right. However, you are from a different country, so I am not sure how you will trace your payable to a particular supplier if you credit it to Accounts Payable ? here in India, normally we credit the supplier’s accounts so easily can trace every transactions if we have 50-100 suppliers.

          • annag

            it’s for an accounting question that i was given which i didn’t see a purchases account and the accounts payable was given, so i thought was the correct way to do it

          • Mahendra

            In, that case your guess is right. Basically there is no different between accounts payable and sundry creditors except that Accounts payable can be used in general for all payable account while sundry creditors is used for a particular supplier account

          • annag

            what is meant by the term, on account

      • syed faheem

        sir , m working in a company as a juniour accountant in a company. i fully forget tally ,,,,,,plz help me. m fresher thi is my first job i life.

        • peerabhai kotiyal

          sir i forget how to use this programme

      • Kingson

        Dear sir,

        i want to know that how can see total sales itmes wise with stock transfer
        2- how can see bill wise

        please help me
        Best rgds

        • rajesh

          i want to know that how can see total sales items wise with stock transfer please advise me


      • santosh

        greeting of day sir

        what is tax collected services,and what will be the entry of TCS
        i am using tally 9.0 in this tally date not changed due to some problem how can i terminate it. plz reply.


      • shoaib

        Q- insurance paid by cheque rs.8000. plz tel me journal entry.

        • jeevan

          Insurance A/c Dr 8000

          To cash 8000

          • chandan singh

            Interest a/c dr. 8000
            to Bank a/c 8000

        • sajid fareedi

          dr. insurence a/c 8000rs.
          cr. bank a/c 8000rs.

        • Rajiv

          Insurance A/c———–Dr
          To Bank A/C
          In Tally ERP press F5 Payment
          then Create Insurance in ledger under Indirect Expenses, Then pass it out with the amt.Here u hav two mode ie Dr, Cr mode or To & by mode…Which one u feel convenient u can use it by altering F12 key Option no 2.

        • rahul

          insurance a/c dr, 8000
          to bank a/c 8000

        • sunny gupta

          insurance a/c dr 8000
          to bank a/c 8000

      • nishi

        sir, i want solved trial balace.(theri entries also)

        means whilch ledger indenify in which group etc.

      • lavanya

        hai sir,

        please tel me some tips how to learn tally epr9

      • Deepak Nautiyal

        Dear Sir,

        we are known about one journal entry.
        one person x, who has brought good..
        second person y, has given payment through x..

        what entry will do???

        • Anish

          We are X as a company

          Purchase a/c Dr
          To Vendor a/c
          Being Goods purchased

          Cash a/c Dr
          To Y a/c
          Being cash borrowed from Y

          Vendor a/c Dr
          To Cash a/c
          Payment made

          So the effect is,

          Purchase a/c Dr
          To Y a/c

      • rahul

        if my business is of so this entry debit to A.C account nd credit bank account. can we write purchase account replace with a.c account???

  • Prajyot

    After Entering the Journal Entry, We dont have to pass payment entry, when we make the payment

    • Mahendra

      I am sorry as unable to understand your query.
      Please contact me on mkr2005(gmail) for more clarification

      • sajid fareedi

        sir how can make the entry bad debt. if sundry 50000rs and bad debts 5000rs. tell me journal entry.

        • Anish

          Bad Debts a/c Dr
          To Debtors name….

          then the debtors a/c will reduced or nill and amt of baddebts will increase

      • UMESH

        Dear sir,

        I telling one question in tally ERP 9, I have lot of question sir you will give me answer please I hope you will give answer to me sir.
        1) Received from M/s.”Pragati Books” Rs.9000/- by cheque. [Bill no.11]
        2) Paid to “M/s.Devanand Agency” in advance Rs.5000/- in cash for Purchase purpose. [Ref.10]

        • AKASH PATHAK

          Ans:- (1) Bank A/c Dr 9000/-
          To M/S Pragati Books A/c 9000/-

          Narration:- cheque rec From M/s Pragati Books on Bill No. 11

          Ans:- (2) M/s Devanand Agency A/c Dr 5000/-
          To Cash A/c 5000/-

          Narration:-cash Paid in Adv for purchase purpose

  • ALI

    In the above illustration u mentioned xyz stationery mart. Jst let me know it will come under which group.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Mahendra

      when we purchase materials, the supplier ledger account is created under sundry creditors Group

    • Rajiv

      From Whom we purchase- Sundry Creditors.
      To whom we Sell-Sundry Debtors.

    • sanjan

      sir i am bcom stutend but forget the a/c & my office started the telly – 9 but i am not understand the telly erp-9 please help me.

  • Sajid

    Dear Sir,

    how to make journal entry in tally 9 for (sajid started business with Rs.80,000 in bank and Rs.30,000 in cash)which voucher is used for this entry?

    • Mahendra

      Dear Sajid,
      Entry will be passed in receipt voucher and not in journal)
      Debit Cash Rs. 30000.00
      Debit Bank Ledger Rs. 80000.00
      Cr. Capital Account Rs. 110000.00

      • gop krishan

        hi sir iam gopkrishan ,its problem was tally practical question tags. pls how
        to prepare question tag

    • sajid fareedi

      journal voucher
      cash a/c dr.
      bank a/c dr.
      To capital a/c

      • sajid fareedi

        how can i pass vat adjestment entry in tally 9

  • sajid

    Thanks sir.its really helpful.

    • Mahendra

      Pleasure of all mine Sajid,
      In case of any further query, you may contact me at any time.

  • sajid

    Dear Sir,

    suppose (sold goods for cash Rs,3000)
    if we enter this transaction in receipt voucher
    then tally ask for item name,so how we can create item name,

    • Mahendra

      I apprecaite your way to learn tally. I believe this is the correct way to learn an accounting software because its all a practical work experience and by reading materials/guidance note only one can never be able to learn tally.erp 9. Same thing I have express on this forum so many times.
      However question and solution should be in such a way that other reader also can get benefit of the same and can find the relevant topic/solution easily which unfortunately not possible through comments. So, I have created a forum
      Please register there and we will go further there a long way to solve all the practical questions relating to tally.erp 9. I will be glad to assit you or anybody there

      • sajid


        now i registered member here,so how can i access you to discuss problems.

        • Mahendra

          Thanks Sajid for registering there.
          Please post your query on
          Login there with your user name and p.w. and then create a new topic or simply use reply button there.
          then submit your query rest thing i will manage

          • Raj


            No link is seen to register in your forum
            Pls assist to register myself.

  • Lakshmi


    I tried making some taily transaction voucher entries on tally, I find the screen going blank and no keys work, I have to turn off the comp and restart. Can u pls guide me on this?

    • Mahendra

      Pl. check your data directory configuration.
      May be there is a mis configuration that is your data is lying on some different directory while your configration directory may be different.
      Go to tally.erp 9 press F12
      Data configuration
      it will show you the path where you data directory should be.
      then go to related file folder in tally D or C drive. check the company for which you are working is there or not ?
      If you are totally unaware of this thing, then please contact me on Gtalk at mkr2005

  • Sajid

    You have mentioned above that Purchase voucher for credit Purchases,can we pass “cash Purchases” entry in Purchase voucher? because i post query on forum and got reply that u must pass both cash/credit Purchases entry in Purchases voucher.

    • Mahendra

      like sales vouchers purchase too whether cash/credit have to be entered through a purchase voucher.
      The reason for entering cash/credit sales/purchase transactions through sales/purchase voucher is that it will capture in vat computation and vat return by the tally.erp 9.Otherwise you have to prepare your vat/excise return manually.
      Also, it will give a perfect and true sales/purchase register.

      • Anitha

        i have some doubt in tally can u guide me????????

        • Mahendra

          Pl. post your doubt on
          Best regards

          • devanand

            sir i want to know that how to do journal entry in tally and how to do prepair tds return? replay must sir

        • Rajeev Agarwal

          hi anitha, what do you have doubt in tally please discusse with me, my email id is xxxxxxxxxxx

        • Tulasi

          I want help in tally

  • Sajid

    in above query i mentioned Purchases,i got reply like this,(whether you sold goods on cash/credit the entry must be done through sales voucher.)

  • darban

    how to make entries of debit note or sale return and purchase return

  • mohammed

    Dear sir,
    In a service sector firm, if an employee takes a stock from godown what will be voucher entry or journal entry for this. The value or rate should not be affected only qty should get ups and down.
    And employee comes under which ledger account.

  • Sanjay Tripathi

    Dear Sir
    I am trying to pass a purchase voucher which has 7 items with 4% + 1% vat. I also want to enter a discount on purchases of 1%. is it possible to make an seprete entry for discount.. if yes? then how…. Please Guide for the same.

    • Mahendra

      Please post your query on Support Forum

  • sankalp

    if we pass any entry having so many cost centres in a single entry, then how to view the cost centres individually, as we have passed the entry in common.

    • Mahendra

      Please post your query on support forum
      I didn’t see any problme regarding cost center. perhaps your are crossing a wrong bridge

  • rakesh sharma

    dear sir,
    kindly know me abt the remote login and synchronization’s process and hw it works ??
    reply awaited and thank u.

    • Mahendra

      Dear Rakesh,
      Perhaps you have missed to read articles under remote category
      Please go through the same and try to access your data remotely. If you face any problem then do revert back to me at support forum. I will sort out it.
      About Data Synchronisation, I will write in future.

  • pooja sureka

    Please tell entry regarding loss of stock and claim is recieved by insurance company and v need to reduce quantity of stock

  • swathi

    i have a query in sales plz help
    i’ve sold ‘A’, ‘B’ to XYZ for RS 100 and RS200.
    cud tel me how to enter these details in sales

    • Mahendra

      Debit A Rs. 100
      debit B Rs. 200
      Credit Sales Rs. 300
      Do this from F8 menu option from your tally.
      I will appreciate if in future you can post your query on support forum only

  • deepthi

    how we enter purvhase return sales return
    transactions in purchase and sales vouchers?

    please help me

    • Mahendra

      You have to create a voucher class under journal for vat adjustment.
      Then pass the entry through debit/credit note for purchase/sales return

  • ashok gupta

    i want to know that no body can do the entry on sunday (i mine i want to lock the sunday thatwhy if any body enter in sunday day it has been show the error)

    • Mahendra

      You need to have a TDL specific for this purpose which is chargeable service

  • Mahendra

    Please check my articles on service tax in tally.Also you should have release 2.1 to avail best of this feature



    • ravinder yadav

      How to adjust vat entry and cst entry



  • Muhammad Ibrar

    Dear Sir,
    i am working in communication company i using tally 9 version i have change date problum how can change date kindly solve my problum urjant replay me.
    best regard
    Muhammad ibrar

    • Mahendra

      Check if your tally is a genuine one ? if it an educational version, then you can’t change date

  • chalapathi

    mr mahendra i am working as asst manager account

    can u explain account raw material purchase full entries
    and sales full entris



    • Mahendra

      Nice to meet you.
      Our extensive premium is available only at an annual subscription of INR 1000.
      If you want to become our Premium Member, then do let me know.

  • rajinder

    I want to lock previous financial years in Tally 9 so that no entries can be made in previous year.

    thank you.


    • Mahendra

      Just use security features and set out permission.
      disable back dated voucher modification /select a cut of date.
      Hope above will work

  • sankar

    Please guide, how do we account an expense done for many parties, to understand particular expense paid each partywise. Payment voucher not works out, as we want to know partywise breakup. Is journal useful? How to pass, please teach.

    • Mahendra

      Dear Shankar,
      Please mention your Tally.erp 9 Serial number. Only then you can get support

  • sankar

    please guide, how do we account an expense partywise, apart from sales invoice.

  • Dishan


    How enter in tally erp purchase return and sales return wit inventry?

    • Mahendra

      Use debit and credit notes with inventory (invoice mode) use voucher class for the same

  • Diren

    How can I put the due dates on sales and purchase?

    • Mahendra

      This Thing, I have already explained some where else.

  • santosh


    how to creat in tally 9 inventory units……….nd explain briefly

    • Mahendra

      Check out my articles on inventory in Tally.erp 9
      probably searching inventory category may help you

  • TT Vinayagam

    I have a query. Once a company is created, the same was deleted inadverently. After wards, we have taken lot of back up inlcuing the erased company. Now i want to restore the deleted company. Can somebody help me?.

    • Mahendra

      Dear TT Vinayagam,
      If you have a back up then you can surely restore it
      If the company was deleted before taking the back up then in no case you can restore it.
      probably try to restore it from the rcyclebin (windows utility)

  • elton samuel tornu

    i enjoy your lesson and i need more about tally 9.what i need most is when you deleted an item,and you want retreived it how is the prosedure? i need the reply as soon as possible.thanks.


    when started a business with any amount in BANK & any amount with cash “”we pass the entry in JOURNAL voucher Not in RECEIPT Voucher then it will be right ok ..THANKS


    • Mahendra

      Hello Vinit,
      I am not sure from where you got such “gossip” your understanding is baseless and hence not correct. how you become accounting teacher ?

  • noushad vt

    how enter tally erp depreciation entry ?

    • noushad vt

      mr mahendra i am working in fire safety copm.. ksa
      i using tally 9erp silver version ,this moth of accounts closed pls help .how can calculate assets depreciation .which entry pass , i have change pored problum how can change pored kindly solve my problum urjant replay me.

      • Mahendra

        Hello Naushad,
        Did you mentioned your Tally serial number ? than how can you expect help from us.

        • noushad vt

          tlly serial no:7xxxxxxxx

      • Mahendra

        Hello Naushad,
        Thanks for mentioning your query with Tally.erp 9 serial number.
        Please read my my response to your query as under :

        first you should calculate depreciation as per the rates you wish to charge
        depreciation and should figured out the amount of depreciation.
        After than pass entries through Journal by debiting
        Depreciation and crediting respective assets account.

        To start a new accounting/financial year in Tally.erp 9
        just go to main menu of the Tally.erp 9 then press F2 and
        select the year as 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2011 and it will
        create a new accounting year in your books of account

        In case you face further problem, please do revert back to

        • noushad vt

          thank you sir

  • kartik

    I need to know…if a small company dealing in computer and accessories is doing promotional expenses..what would be the journal entry in tally?

  • noushad vt

    I have a query. my company purchased for material for many item but note sale.
    this material transfer for direct expense (direct project exp) how to make inventory in Tally.erp 9 ?

  • Dr Rajesh Khatwani

    I purchased Ritz Car on 2nd July from manan Auto at Rs 4.91 lacs.I paid Rs 38000 for RTO passing, Insurance and life time Muni tax.I also sold my old Wagon R for 1.5 lacs.How to show these in my acc and ledgers like Manan Auto will be placed under???

    • Mahendra

      Hello Doctor Saheb,

      Thanks for your query on the forum.
      All queries on this forum can be solved only if an user mention his/her Tally serial number! otherwise, the query will not be answered

  • Ishan

    Dear Mahendra,
    In my tally erp9, due to some problem in date(it was showing 30 Jan 2011), one of the user had transfered the stock from one locatiobn to another location. I have given 3 day for backdate entry to the users. now whenever i start the tally erp 9 it show the 31 jan and Date of last entry shows 31 Jan. so my users are not able to open the entries made on 15 Jan.

    So, Is it possible to remove the last date entry?

    or how i can correct the last date entry to 15th Jan?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ishan Joshi

    • Mahendra

      Hello Ishan,
      I definately solve your query very easily.
      But, I am sorry as I do provide support only if you mention your Tally.erp 9 serial number.No one exception to this rule.
      so, once you provide your Tally.erp 9 serial number, I will resolve it in 15 minutes time

      • Ishan

        Dear Sir,
        due to my company policy I can’t give you the serial no but I can give you its first 2 digits and last 2 digits from it.

        these are 77*****82

        • Mahendra

          Hello Ishan,
          You must have to provide your full Tally serial number if you want support from an authorised Tally Service provider no matter whatever your company policy is.
          Infact even Tally solutions Pvt Ltd won’t help you without knowing your Tally serial number So Sorry.

          • Ishan

            Dear Sir,

            I have solved the query as I check all the transaction made by the users and correct all the wrong dates that gives me correct current Date and Date of last entry.

          • Mahendra

            I am glad that you have solved your problem

  • Prinson

    Dear Sir,

    while i m printing cheque account payee is not coming on that…any idea??

    • Mahendra

      yes, i have idea n can solve it if u provide ur Tally


    Dear Sir,

    Here i am using Tally 9.0. i am new to accounts. Here when i enter a ledger, if i change the date the invoice date is moving here and there. I am getting problems over here. please give me a solution for this ( even if i enter some date eg:01-05-2010 from today the invoice number should not move and it should not reflect other invoices)

    • Mahendra

      give me your Tally If you want a solution of your problem. Currentl I m on move n can solve only on Monday







    it is showing as series A. stat 124

    • Mahendra

      This is not your Tally.erp 9 serial number. It is product version.
      Your serial number should be numeric only and may start with 6 or 7
      please check your bottom info panel from Tally.erp 9 main menu else send me screen shot of main menu.


    Dear sir
    i am working in a Manufacturing (Auto mobile).our company purchase computer 3nos for office purpose .After one month 3computers sold to our sister concern. how to make a Entry in Tally

    • Mahendra

      You have not mentioned your Tally serial number
      So, your query will be responded only when you mention your Tally.erp 9 serial number

  • Ram pada Jana

    i work in tally9.0. i do voucher alteratin but when i invoice print it shows me previous voucher.
    what can i do ?

  • samuel

    Kindly suggest ways to recover deleted voucher entries in tally 7.2

    I have mistakenly deleted few voucher entries which i need it urgently. kinldy help

    • Mahendra

      Sorry to inform you that there is no way to recover it.
      The only solutions is to re enter the voucher again.

  • Geetha r


    I want to know which is the easyiest way to pass journal entry manually.

    • Mahendra

      Geetha R.
      I too am looking an easiest way to pass a journal entry where I should not need to use my brain as well as not to take any trouble.
      If ever you come to know about such an “easiest way” please do share with us

  • Bharti

    Sir i have joined accountant in newly developing firm. Sir i have a doubt in tally that…. how to make an entry for the payment made by cheque to BBMP.(firm has made payment to bbmp for licence)How should i take that a/c and under which ??

    Please let me know sir.

    • Mahendra

      You haven’t mentioned your Tally Serial number ?

  • Bharti

    If the company purchased UPS….. how to make a payment entry IN Tally and does UPS comes under FIXED ASSETS.

  • Bharti

    sorry sir i have not mention tally version … that was Tally 9.2. Please clear my doubts sir ..i am waiting sir….

  • Bharti

    Good Morning Sir,…
    I have joined as accountant for a newly started business…I need know how to make an entry in tally 9.2 version, for the petrol expenses of co. vehicle. AND which under we should take that.

  • Bharti

    If the company purchased UPS….. how to make a payment entry IN Tally 9.2 and does UPS comes under FIXED ASSETS.

  • vinayak

    Hello Sir,… I have go through u r suggestions. I am also interested to get suggestions from you about tally … I am New to Tally 9.2 .what should i do? Can you Please guide me??


    • Mahendra

      Currently I am not able to help other Tally users except my own clients.

  • siri

    purchased fixed asset on credit, in creation of voucher, what key we use.

  • siri

    if a company purchase fixed asset(printer) on credit. how to make payment entry in tally.erp9

    • sajid fareedi

      first entry

      PARTY A/C DR.
      TO. CASH /BANK A/C

  • swetha

    Hi Sir,

    Suppose I paid cheque to credit card

    What are Entry in Tally of payment from Credit card of Petrol or hotel?

    how can we enter?

    • Mahendra

      Have you mentioned your Tally serial number ?

    • swetha

      Hi sir,
      Thanks for ur reply sir.
      sorry sir i have not mention tally version … that was Tally 5.4version. Please clear my doubts sir .

      What are Entry in Tally of payment from ICICI Credit card of Petrol or hotel payment ?

      In jounal entry
      petrol charges a/c ….dr.
      To icici c.c.

      In Payment
      icici c.c. A/c …dr.
      To Bank A/c

      Is it right or wrong sir? I have another doubt sir?
      Credit card in which group direct expenses or secured loan?

      Pls clarify my doubt sir.

      • Mahendra

        Unless you do not mention your Tally Serial number, you can’t expect answer from us.
        and if you are not able to know your Tally serial number than it it is wastage of time to teach such small things because Tally serial number is always displayed in the info panel at bottom of your Tally.erp 9 main menu

  • usha

    Hello sir,

    in tally erp9 how to arrive 2010 data to next financial year 01.04.211 please help me sir.

    thanks & regards

    • Mahendra

      Hello Usaha,
      Abi to 1st April door hey. still whenever you need to enter 2011, just come back here with your Tally Serial number. Else the request will be ignored

  • sharma

    Good morning sir ji

    mujhe taily me kam karna acha laga lagta hai but main kabhi confusie ho jata ho kya ap meri help kar sakte hai

  • MANI

    how to create duplicate voucher

  • Rema nair

    hi iam BA in economics .does not have any knowledge of accounts will i be able to learn tally

    • Naveen Garg

      yes,why not but you have littal hardwork then you easily maintain the A/c.

  • Arun

    Hi sir can u tell me what is entry of new busines
    start to 500000 lac if cash dr.& capital cr. than we saw diff. in balance sheet what is reson of apper difference in tally.

  • syed faheem

    sir plz help me ,,,,, m very interested in accounts..

    • Naveen Garg

      Dear sir,first you say that what’s u have qualification.

      & what are are doing at a presant time


    please tell me about the journal entry of tds on commission given by our firm or salary paid by our firm

  • zhimonika

    i want vouture entry pls explain me

  • jainesh amin

    I know to work on tally 5.4 I also have 3 version of tally with my pc, i want to know the basic difference between tally 5.4 and tally 9. If there is no difference bet 5.4 and 9 then I just have not to worry a lot.

    • Mahendra

      jainesh amin,
      I believe you should not worry! the difference you can identify only if you have an experience of working with both the version.
      To identify difference between a horse and a donkey, one need have experience of both the horse and donkey else both are white colored!


    Dear Mahendra,
    The problem that I am facing is that while taking a print out of the sales invoice in tally i’m not getting the coloumn, how do i get that.
    Will be highly obligued if you could help me on the same.

    • Mahendra

      Please upload scan copy of the invoice print you are getting from your Tally.
      You can upload it to Contact us it is secure and visible only to us.
      Also don’t forget to mention your Tally Serial number else your query will be ignored

  • rani jena

    Dear Mahendra,

    actually what pro i m facing is that i want to passed right off entry for parties which we was not paid 1 or 2 rs.
    wot entry i shall pass?????

  • pooja

    sir please help me ,,,m very interested in account
    please explain tally 9 all inventry

  • Biju George

    Please give in brief in Journal entry … Biju take an advvnce 10000 and give 5000 salary of the same person … How to make a journal entry in Tally .. please help me …


    Dear Mahendra,
    I want to know that how should can i make a invoice transactions in tally.erp 9?
    for example, Ramesh received an invoice for Rs. 15,000 from Gupta Associates towards
    Printing of Office Stationery.

  • Sowmya

    Hi Sir,
    I would like to know of how to enter the expenses and income entries in TALLY 9. I have studied an older version of Tally, however have not worked on the same as I was working in a BPO.
    I kindly request you to give me how to enter the transactions Step by Step.

    Thank you

    • Mohammad

      You go through for tally help in your tally. by pressing Alt-H on main screen you can view help option go for Local Help, In this help you`ll get basic entry`s & more.

  • shaukath ali

    hi sir
    i m working in hotel industry in dubai in my last career i was using tally 7.2 now i change my job. so in hotels normally using hotel softwares i m thinking to impliment tally to our accounting system is it possible to use tally erp in hotel acconting


    Dear sir,
    I entered the cash sales in journal voucher. but when i check the total sales for the month by Display, Account Books & Sales Register, it does not show over there. kindly help

  • kamala

    how to maintain salary ? if salary not paid to the employee but recorded at companies account?

    • Mohammad


      You enable payroll in your tally. it will help you lot you dont want to maintain any voucher, you can maintain PF, ESI, Allonace etc.

  • Rajesh

    Dear Sir,
    Please any one can help me?. I Want to bring Indian Bank to Credit what should i do for it?.

  • naiyar

    claim adjustment settled against purchased of goods, what type of accounts i have to create to pass the entry claim adjustment

  • Mohammad

    You people can tell me how to pass entry of sales by credit card.

  • sudha

    dear sir,

    pls suggest me is it necessary to show share holders names under share capital in tally

  • sudha

    dear Sir,

    let me know abt limited company accounts, how to enter the jounral entries of share holders

  • karsel

    Dear sir,

    i m working as an Accountant but i have a daught in passing a TDS, sir plz can u let me know what are the expenses we have to charge TDS and another daught is that what to do about setting of Closing Stock in the Tally ERP.9.

    Plz reply me in xxxxxxx@yahoo dot com/xxxxxxxxxxx@gmail dot com
    plz let me know fast…..

    • Mahendra

      The fastest reply is that first read my response to other query raised by other Tally users.
      You will notice that without mentioning Tally serial number no one can get a response from us.

  • anthony

    How do you pass entry in payment that can reflect two credit payment and one debit payment.

  • prasanna

    how to treat credit card withdrawls in tally erp-9?

  • Hema

    Hi Sir,

    How to pass the entry cancellation of dd in tally exp9/

  • Hema

    Hi Sir,

    ATM cash withdrawn what entry passed in tally

    • Mahendra


      How do you enter Cash Withdrawal entry from Bank through a self cheque ?
      there is no difference between a ATM card and a self cheque!

  • Murugan

    Dear Sir,
    I want to learn Tally and to learn how to passs entries please suggest me website or any Video so i can learn tally

  • sudarsan

    Sir my job in security service,i am raising invoice to client including service tax how to enter in jv in tally and also please spicy the under the groups

  • priya

    Hallo sir, i’m a newbie to tally plz can u tell me
    how to do these entries from bank saving a/c statement in tally9
    particulars dr cr
    cash 6000
    int on lic 50
    mr. abc 10000

  • priya

    sorry for typing mistake in above query
    cash and int on lic in cr column
    mr. abc in dr column

  • rabinarayan

    how i entry in tally.erp9
    started business with cash worth rs 100000


    how to do bank transactions in tally please briefly explain sir thank q

  • geethu

    dear sir,

    I am working in a consultant company . here we are dealing with only service.
    Our income Mainly from service. we Have @ kind of servide.1. design project
    2 . supervise project
    this kind of payment how can we paas a journal entry . example. Customer give 10000 Dirhams for cheque as design fees. the second doubt some time customer take loan from bank. that time bank will give this Amount. In this situation how could pass a journal entry with person.( Account receivable. Customer Project, and income )

  • Pramod

    Dear Sir,
    I’m newly join in company. There has tally 9 erp version. Company has given Contract of Packaging material to Private Contractor. Now I have there Bill in that mention Amount to Cr. 1000
    Less: TDS 2% 20
    Total = 980

    How to make above enntries Ledger and entry in Tally. please reply me as early as possible.
    – Pramod

  • pritam

    i want to know,if i perches goods on credit, when making payament i cut discount how i show discount &which side that a/c?

  • Raghavendra Prasad.K

    Just I have to know how to enter the entries of purchases when it is paid on credit basis in Journal

  • Ananth

    Why does Capital Account Come under Assets in Tally ERP9

    • Mahendra

      That is not Tally’s fault.A software will give the output based on your input.You need to study and check your entries

  • chitra

    hello sir,
    i have one doubt in tally… how to enter a bank loan trasaction in tally….

  • srinivas

    how can we enter savings a/c into tallyerp

  • sandy

    how can i do the entry of sundry creditors as a bill payable entry…and also not as sundry creditors but as bill payable in trial balance…

    • Mahendra

      Go to Accounts info
      Create new group with the name Bills payment
      Select under as Current Liabilities
      and save it

  • sandy

    which group i can select under bill payable

  • Sutharshini

    Sir, it is possible to entre many payment (different payment rent, office exp, etc) in one payment voucher. when view ledger (eg: rent a/c) related payment, it want to show line by line. is there any option in tally erp9?

  • ASIF

    hi sir, can u tell me how to start entering data in tally. my company is electrical work servixes.pls help me

  • ashish kesarwani

    dear sir,

    please solb my query regarding vat adjustment, we have vat fillup and we will recieve vat refund 81212.

    how to pass entries in tally.


    ashish kesarwani

  • Nikhil Jayan


    Keep up the good work :)

    My doubt:
    I have entered few payment vouchers, thus each voucher will be automatically be numbered. I’m making manually noting the numbers onto my bills for my reference. The problem I’m facing is when I enter a backdated payment voucher, the entire voucher numbers get altered is there any solution for this?

    Hoping you have the solution.

    Awaiting your fastest response

    • Mahendra

      You should be sure exactly what you requires ?
      Suppose you have entered voucher number up to 50 to 55 on 28.10.11 and then on 30.10.11 you have entered voucher number up to 65.
      Now, on 28.10.11 you want to add one more voucher so which number you want to give it considering that all vouchers are numbered up to 65 ? you should be sure for the same !
      Alternatively you can use auto Manual voucher Numbering TDL which is available in Tally Shop

  • uday gupta

    sir….i want to know under which group in tally my company XYZ corp. ledger falls into? eg: party which purchase goods from me falls under sundry debtors group .banks falls under banks groups….plz help me out..

  • Saranya

    mango juice-200ml = 700 bottle @10.20=7140
    mango juice-200ml =90 bottle
    free goods
    mango juice-500ml=500 bottle @20 =1000
    mango juice-500ml=60
    free goods
    mango juice-1000ml=80 bottle@30 =2400
    mango juice-1000ml=10 bottle
    total =10540
    vat@5% =527
    grand total =11067

    this purchase of goods from xyz company on 20.10.2011, but already advaces Rs5000 paid to xyz company. help me to get complete steps

  • Suresh Patnaik

    we are from non government organization.
    from this accounting year onwards preparing accounts on tally ERP 9.

    we have doubt. for example we are giving programme advance to Mr. XYZ of Rs. 50,000/-. we are confused under which group the XYZ ledger would be posted (loans & liabilities, Assets or liabilities or misc. expenses under assets).

    Some times the same XYZ does a programme in advance and settles the bills latter for which we paid him after the bills settlement. in this case the same account would come under which group.

    Another one is we are purchasing some items for charitable purpose in credit from the firms. in this case we also like to know under which group the firms would come for our ledger posting.

    Please kindly solve our problems to our mail

  • Saurabh

    sir i hv a question. I hv received a gift card (not for cash withdrawl & for limited period of one year) against the commission earned from an insurance co. Hw does i enter this card in my personal a/c and what type of a/cs are made under which heads. And after that hw i show expenses through this card.
    Waiting 4 ur reply and send it to my mail




    Is it possible to get both the item group & item name printed on delivery note.
    As it is needed in our company.

  • Sujata Gaikwad

    please tell me what should be the entry in tally for the cashback on debit card.

  • Sujata Gaikwad

    How can i do the journal entry for professional charges received.

  • Bal krishna dubey

    hi Sir GooD after noon
    1.Sir How To Enter the opening entries in tally . pls give example
    2. How To Give The Vouchers number In A Serial Like 1 2 3 4 etc. if I creat voucher .

  • Thaha

    Sir, I am practicing Tally on Erp9 (downloaded from site/educational version). As I am working in a block making factory,where cement,sand and aggregate are raw material, how and whereto enter cement and sand consumption, as it will reduce from stock? Also how to maintain the damaged goods(due to manufacturing defect or broken while loading/unloading).

  • anand

    sir in my tally erp9 software there are no keys f5,f6, in active what the problem

  • Jimshad

    Sir, in the time of stock taking i found some materials are damage, how it will post in tally? what is the entry ? please mention under also

  • Jones Manulang

    Dear Mr Mahendra,

    I have question.
    How to locked the transaction journal on the Telly 9 Silver, after I reviewed and reported that transaction. That step we need to avoid mistype on the date, for example I have already reviewed and reported january to september (Q3) and I want to fixing that report, except authorize by me. How do we do.? For your information my software Telly 9 silver Serial number:72xxxxxxxx

    Need your Help Please “urgent”

    Best Regard


    • Mahendra

      Hello Jones,

      Right Now, I am travelling so will not be able to offer a detailed solutions but you may use
      main Menu, Alt +F3 (company menu) then security and control select security level, here for the user group for which u want restriction set the back dated and back days and save it. Now except you, that group users will not have access to those vouchers.

      alternatively you may buy a small tdl from tally shop which will cost only around 9.99 USD you can check the prices on Tally shops.

      You may keep us your preferred partner while purchasing the Tally Ads on to get support on the same

  • kamendra singh

    I have one one question,how to create payment voucher in tally 7.2 with reference of invoice.

    • Mahendra

      Tally 7.2 is a dead product and served its value for money now its of no use. Please consider upgrading your software online and get our best support for free

  • mohan

    In following transaction Mr.A, Mr.B & Mr.C invested following amount to start a company:
    Mr.A: 50,000
    Mr.B: 25,000
    Mr.C: 25,000

    Journal entry I’ve passed in Tally:
    Journal Entry No. 1
    Bank A/c 100,000
    Mr.A 50,000
    Mr.B 25,000
    Mr.C 25,000

    Journal Entry No. 2
    Mr.A 50,000
    Mr.B 25,000
    Mr.C 25,000
    Share Capital 100,000

    Note: Mr.A. Mr.B & Mr.C ledger are created under current liability group and Share Capital ledger is created under Capital account group.

    So the question is whether the journal entry passed by me is right or wrong?

  • mohan

    Dear Sir,
    I’m desperately waiting for your response to this dilemma of mine and any help from you shall be highly appreciated.

  • Niyaz ahmed ruknuddin

    Dear sir,

    if delma diesel company sale of diesel to al shariya company..& al shariya company paid the amount of delma diesel company….what debit & what credit sir,
    sir.. first i am entry in sales voucher f9.& receipt voucher f6….sir finout the what debit & what credit sir…..please help me sir,….need your help “urgent” Reply sir,

    Best Regard
    niyaz ahmmed
    Thanking you.

  • Biju George

    I am a bigginer in tally , I have a doubt … please explain …

    If a person take an advance 5000.00
    His salary is 15000.00 per month

    how to adjust the entry in tally ?

    what is the procedure to enter the voucher ..?

    please help me… ?

  • kiruba

    I have question about How to do entry in tally of to create currency exchange as a ledger under which category.

    Thankyou for reply……….

  • shwetha

    i have a query
    in tally 9.0 am posting entry date but do not to solve the problem plz answer me

  • abhishek

    sir, how can i entered entry in case of povision for depriciation@10%, in Taly 9.0.

  • Santosh singh

    Please tell me that, how can i calculate tds on salary. Please explain through jounral entry

  • Pankaj

    how to do entry when we raise bills payable

  • vinod

    hi good morning , this is vinod

    please tell me how to enter travel reimbersement in tally. actually my OM went out side for company purpose.that time company paid 15000 advance, after tour OM gave me 25600 expense bill .i prepared a invoice to reimbersement of travel expense.but actually i dont know this transaction how to treat in tally .

    so plzzzzzzzzzzhelp me

  • sadhikari

    what will be the entry for personal loan given


  • pitterpan

    can u tell me how to pass the entry for credit card payment made through chq in tally erp 9

  • laxmi

    hi sir,
    please tell me about this entry in tally ERP 9.0
    when goods costing Rs. 20000 sent to an agent for sale purpose. please explain it soon.

  • amarnath

    maine apna tally ka data apni pendrive me save kiya hua hai our maine jo company creat ki hui hai wo open nhi hoti jab main tally ko open kata huan

  • archana

    hello sir/mam, Please tel me payment receipt entry in Construction a/c when client paid payment that time how i make entry ? and tel me from Ledger to end entry.


    • mahender kumar

      first u konw the formula after this u do the entys

  • shashi kant jha

    i m using the education version of tally erp9.when i recording a transaction the date is not changing.I have used F2 several times but still it is not changing.kindly help me out with your valuable suggestion.

    • Swapan Kumar Biswas

      In tally educational version using all dates are restricted. Only three dates are permitted in every month…that is 01, 02 and 31 of respective months. Except those dates no other dates are permitted in tally educational version….

  • subbaiah

    Dear sir,
    1. let me know all purchases has to make journals entries or know.
    2.salaries also through the journals or direct
    3. all purchases will settle direct

  • Imtiyaz

    Hi Everybody,
    Can any one teach me how to make entry of rent paid and also i paid VAT on same rent.

  • imran

    Dear sir,

    i want to know that how can see total sales itmes wise with stock transfer
    2- how can see bill wise

    please help me

  • shamim ahmed

    Dear sir,
    1. let me know all purchases has to make journals entries or know.
    2.salaries also through the journals or direct
    3. all purchases will settle direct

  • Malaya

    Dear Sir,
    I am entering the Serial Number of same product of purchase & sales in huge quantity in a single entry in TV,fridge serial number is 78xxxxxxx

  • manju

    what is invoke butten
    what is full fom of pcs.

  • satish

    hi this is satish

    please tell me how to deduct tds in salaries and other

  • sanju

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know that i purchase 5000 qty. material from a firm. i get 5050 qty. material from that firm (50 qty. material as discount). please tell me this entry.


  • ramireddy

    1)opening balances

    cash …………. Rs 50000
    bank ………….Rs 100000
    stock ………….RS 75000
    capital …………RS 25000
    arun(sundry creditor)…….RS 30000
    shashank(sundry debtor)……RS 55000

    2)purchased furniture by cheque …..RS 20000

    3)purchased system by cheque ………RS 50000

    4)paid office rent ………………RS 10000

    5)bought good from devi musicals …..RS 25000

    6)kiran sold goods ……………….RS 10000

    7)Rajani purchased stock …………RS 30000

    8) sold goods to kranti for cash …..RS 10000

    9)bought goods from bipin and paid cheque ….RS 5000

    10) paid to devi musicals by cheque …….RS 15000

    11)recevied from rajani by cheue ……….RS 5000

    12)paid to kiran by cheque …………RS 9500

    Discount allowed by him ………….RS 500

    13) recieved from rajani through cheque …..RS 24250

    Discount allowed to him……………….RS 750

    14) Withdraw from bank for office use ………RS 10000

    15)paid salaries …………………………RS 5000

    16) paid electrical charges ………………Rs 1500

    17)paid telephone charges ………………….RS 1200

    Find the above transanctions with jounral enteries in tall erp package

    dear sir ,

    could you response above problem with clear information

    • Jaipal

      Hi Friends,

      If we buy any printing and stationary they added vat @5%,
      we want to deduct the TDS right, that time we want to consider VAT also?

      in simple words we want to consider Both?

      Please give the solution

      • Siddharth Jain

        You can deduct the TDS the total Purchase value and VAT of the Printing and Stationary you can required the PAN no of the Deductee and you cut the TDS if The total Payment Exceed 30000 in single payment and In many payment(yearly) 75000 and you deduct the TDS in Sec. 194C.

    • ravikumar

      ple send how to prepare journar .

  • sunita

    sir I m working a consultancy firm, i have joined newly there, I have to close their accounts till 30th june 2012. can u help me to close the accounts.
    My quries are as follows:

    what entry will be done in case of placement service bill send to the clients.
    and suppose the payment were release after 5 months then what enetry will we done

    pls reply as soon as fast

  • sunita

    amd pls help me to prepare their service tax details.

    will we considered the service bill paid on telephone expenses in against of service tax received by the parties, which we provide consultancy service.

  • sunita

    sir pls help me in calculating service tax amount in case of our consultancy firm. the accounts of company has not been prepared form 2011-12 and 12-13. the company has not paid service tax from aug-2011 to till date. In that case what can I do

  • rosy thomas

    if purchase increase or decrease what will be the journal entries

  • Brij Lal Sharma

    Dear Sir,

    Mr. A (Partner) received Rs.5000/- cash for tour advance on 11/7/2012

    Mr. A have travelled to pune and submitting the bills of 4300/- expenses occured on tour.He paid Rs. 700/- cash on 20/7/2012.

    HOw can I pass these entries in tally.

    Kindly solve my problem.


    HI SIR

  • Pooja

    my boss has taken a loan from SCB how do i enter this transaction in tally 7.2 in which voucher, please suggest??

  • Abhijit Majumder

    How to maintain accounts in Tally 9 for money market company ? where RD,FD & MIS as a products . where are much more agent for collection Money as FD , RD & MIS. give ledger details, group details , commission ledger.

  • shivakumar

    Hi Sir,
    I have one question, for one of our client they took laon from their relative for the business,they have not show in the books. But the repayment is making through business. So now this loan account is showing debits balance. can you please advice how solve this issue.

    Second Question is – One of our client having retail business but in the books they have not recorded the purchase entry, but the inventory is directly updated to the opening stock. So can you advice me how to make the payment entry to the supplies in these cases.

  • sulav

    how can i export data from tally 9 in excell plz give me detail process…

  • jasmine

    I want to know that how to do this entry ?
    Our company has broughat 2 new cars each prize is 8,50,000
    we paid downpayment 50,000 per each car.
    another payment 2,50,000 per each car.
    now bank instolment 25000 per each car .
    Please help me how to do this entry ?

  • kapil

    I want 2 find up this statement and name of this statement as under
    (Statement Showing Income Tax Recovery and Credited in R.B.I.From 1-4-11 To 31-3-12.)

  • vipul

    how to maintain Account for Retail Businessmen (like LPG Gas Agency) in tally 9.0, pls reply ASAP.



  • pushpa

    how to make the entry for withdraw money for personal use

  • Jam

    Bank has given me a loan to start a new business. Now i want to enter that amount in tally erp 9. Now my question is Can i take as receipt or enter it in my OD Account.
    thank you

  • mirshad

    just want to know about the invoice & other JV numbers which automaticatlly creating.
    ex: i post 1 payment date 14.11.12 (tally showing invoice no:1) and the same day if i post another entry and the date mention 13.11.12. (tally will show invoice no 1) and the first automatically it goes to 2. why its like this. if we want to file all these entries then we will follow the reference number.

  • Lakshmi

    My name is Lakshmi, I am working in IT company.
    I have experience in Trading Account but in IT company they are using Project wise account even i do know how to take entry in Tally.ERP 9 so Pls Help me.
    1. How to take entry as Project ?(In Ledger)
    2. Payment

  • s.Rajaraman

    security salary bill entry how do this please msg me

    • s.Rajaraman

      security salary bill how do this pass journl entry

  • s.Rajaraman

    tds calculation about tell me

  • ramesh kumar

    i wanna ask that, under which group, purchase return and sale return are included. plz tell me

  • Ali Uzzaman

    Dear Sir, what is the solution of trade discount of purchase ? For example- Total purchase 40,000.(when each items rate are individual) but payment to suppliers only 39,000. I know the journal- Like-
    Dr.-Purchase——–Tk. 40000
    Cr.-Accounts Payable ———-39,000.
    Cr. Trade Discount—————-1,000.
    I want to know, which under the ledger of this trade discount ?

  • manish

    Please any one advise me that how to brought forward capital for the current year opening balance in tally what are all the figures should be added please reply

  • Rashmi Bhandari G

    Hello Sir,

    I have some confusion regarding how to enter charity given and sales promotion. where exactly i need to pass the entries? I have the following doubts,

    1) Does sales promotion really effects the sale? how does it differs for a newly started company as well as the existing company?

    2) Similarly, does charity given affects the sales? However, charity can be claimed as deductions under IT act but does it affects the turnover?

    Please clarify the doubts Sir.

    Thank you,

  • Pintu puri

    how to do payment Entry&journal voucher Entry

    • pintu puri

      Dear sir
      please give Reply

  • pintu puri

    HI SIR

    • Mahendra


      All questions are answered at

      • rahit

        hi sir, can u tell me about bank reconciliation

    • Anish

      Bank a/c debit 1800
      Bank charges a/c dr.. 200
      To Debtors name…………2000


  • P K Dash

    In tally inventory I am facing a problem that ” In material input to our organisation that is in one unit (Lets say 1 Case, which contains 12 packets) but issued in another unit as when i issued the same material that time it is issued in packet. How the entry will pass.

  • Kajale Renuka

    Dear Sir,

    we are known about one journal entry.
    one person x, who has brought good..
    second person y, has given payment through x..

    what entry will do???

  • Sidharth Jain

    Dear I want to know the cancellation entry for air ticket purchased from some party and then sold to some other party in credit .then in this case what will be the entry if the air ticket is cancelled…Plz reply as soon as possible

  • himanshi

    petrol charges how to to entry in tally. is it indirect exp? how to enter

  • priyanka dhanawade

    wat is d entry effect for gifts given to suppliers in tally

  • Sachin Bhatnagar

    sir how to write off stock/inventory in Tally. I have tried with journal voucher but it is not accepting it.

  • RAZA


  • Suganya

    How to make entry for the person expenses, like school fee paid .. under which group we can create ledger A/c?

  • s.muthu

    Dear sir,
    i thanking you for solving query to who have eager to learn tally as well as improve their profession.
    i am first time involved in this. i have one query is that if any cash transaction made like deposit cash at bank or withdrawn by cash from bank, these transaction comes under which entry

    please do the needful.

    • sunny gupta

      Dear Sir,
      I have a question please solve this question
      Question:- Given 2 shoes@ Rs.1200 as charity.

      please sir tell me iski entry kya hoge

  • waseem

    How to pass journal for Debit card Payments my serial key is 75xxxxx

  • Ajeet P Magadum

    Sir please give one entry to me for this transaction [1] advance to Suresh Rs 10000/- [2] Suresh Submitted Bills of Rs Consultancy Charges Rs 9000/- and TDS Rs 1000/- how can i pass the entry sir . but suresh not TDS amt submitted to Bank .

  • Niloy Kumar

    Dear Sir
    1) Paid to Sam Rs 6000
    Sam A/c………………………………………….Dr 6000
    To Cash A/c 6000
    2) Received From Ram Rs 10000
    Cash A/c…………………………………………Dr 10000
    To Ram A/c 10000
    I Know this, then Sir Please tell me what is Ledger A/c of Under Ram and Sam A/c

  • Poonam

    I have to pass the entry of DD (Demand draft). I want to know that under which group i have to create ledger of Party (to whom i have to give DD)

  • vikas

    share capital of rs 1000000/- is i ncreased by 10% what will be the entry in tally

  • vikas

    rent rec of rs 10000/- after deducting tds of rs 1000/-

  • jyoti

    owner pay the personal lic premium and car insurance premium, what is the journal entry in tally.

  • Rahul kumar sharma

    Sir ,
    how to do voucher entry in tally vehicle fuel entry

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