How to use payroll in Tally.ERP 9?

Managing payroll in any organization is a tough job and statutory compliance make it more complex and difficult. Fortunately the business solutions software from the Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd offers easy management of Payroll in Tally.ERP 9?

If the requirement was limited just to calculate the payroll for employees, and disbursement only then the job is bit easy in excel. Just type the name of employees, fill up the attendance details, salary details, make formulae and its all generating pay slip, reporting of loans,advances, salary of a group of employees for a particular period of time etc etc

however the reality is different. The accounting / HR staff of a company has to do many other work and it is not possible to manage all such additional requirements in excel.

Again here, payroll software come to help you However Due to my own experience, I believe that a payroll which is an integral part of an accounting system is the best one because it prevents duplication of work, help in generating easy reporting and solve most of your requirements. Comparing the payroll processing software market rate, tally.erp 9 is much beneficiary as it is available with a complete erp at a throw away price

I am a die hard lover of Tally.ERP 9′s  payroll feature since the day, they offered this module free of cost to all its paid user I am using this wonder feature perfectly without any kind of error to manage, attendance, EPF, ESI, Gratuity, Income Tax, TDS compliance.

in my next post I will throw more important details of tally.erp 9 payroll feature. Today, I will start how to use payroll in tally.erp 9, I will start from the BASIC! that is how to create an employee master in tally payroll

First of all, you need to enable payroll in tally if the same is not enabled yet after creating a company

For this, press F11 from the main menu and select Accounting feature and

Set maintain payroll as yet as shown below


Now go to main menu and you will find Payroll Info under Master as shown below :

Hit the button


now click on employees


click to create


you will find following blank screen just fill up it with details of an employee


Remember the maxim details you fill up here is useful for reporting though for working purpose the details which is MUST, I HAVE filled up here without which payroll will not work


Accept the screen by CTRL+A

and its all done.


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