How to Teach Tally

Tally is very nice accounting software and if a teacher starts his teaching career as tally teaching, then he should not only be the perfect in tally software but he has also perfect in teaching skills.

Teaching of tally is quite different from any other classroom teaching. Because, we can teach tally after dividing into two-part.

1st Teaching of Theoretical Concept: This is totally relating to teach basic accounting concept to the learner. It is not compulsory that learner is from commerce background. It may be possible that he is from art or science side. So, minimum double entry system and journal entries should be taught by tally tutor or teacher.

2nd Teaching of Practical Concept: In this concept, teacher must give enough machines and teacher should teach about how to create company, how to pass voucher entries and how to treat tax in tally. We can further divide this teaching in following three parts:

a) Easy

A tally teacher shouldteach easy things first. Take the example of any sole trade and take simple 5 to 10 business transactions and teach the procedure about how to pass it in tally. After this, he should teach how toalter the company, how to alter the ledger and how to alter the voucher entries in tally. After this, he has to show its effect on final account.

b) Harder

This part of teaching of tally will be difficult. In this part tally teacher should teach multi-currency, cost centers, cost categories and payroll and security control. At this part, student will learn tally more deeply and use tally at its high potential.

c) Hardest

Now, this part of tally is only for those who have to use tally at high company level where young account manager has to maintain taxes and change every feature and configuration according to the need of corporate business. Tally teacher should tell the basics of different taxation which are levying in India, UK and other countries whose account, account manager can maintain in tally. Tally teacher also teach budgeting through tally where trail balance data can be compared with actual data and manager can know variance of actual data and estimated data for decision-making. Split of company data; point of sale teaching and to explain import and export of different tally reports like inventory reports, final accounts and periodic statement.

In end, I can only say, becoming of tally teacher is good career and highly reputed in accounting field. But you have to do hard work for getting expertise on it. For this, you should visit different tally forums online and see different comments on tally blog and steal idea of problems relating to tally and solve it. You can also teach tally online through use of YouTube,blog and solving accountant’s problems in tally forums. Update yourself using Google “tally” alert. It is must if you want to track what new things and advancements are happening in this accounting software

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