Debit and Credit Note in Accounts

Following my article on learning on basic of accounting, today we will learn what is debit note and what is a credit note

and how the same are dealt with in accounts ?

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In accounts there were many instances when an Organization receive debit note or it has to issue a debit note to its suppliers, customers, employees, third party and so on.

when you receives a debit note, from a third party, you have to credit the account of the issuer of the note and debit the related expenses /item account.

suppose you have purchased  an item at  a rate of Rs.100 however by mistake your supplier had billed you at  a rate of Rs.95, then your supplier may issue a debit note for balance of Rs. 5 plus vat and other applicable duty. In such a case, you have to debit respective purchase and duty amount as narrated in the debit note and credit the supplier account.

Similarly if you have issued a debit note to your customer, you have to debit your customer’s account and credit the related account.

I am highlighting some major circumstances under which you may issue  or receive a Debit Note

1) Rate difference in sales/purchase invoice

2) Difference between billed and actual quantity of the invoice

3) Interest on late payment to and from suppliers/customers

4)Recovery interest or any amount from employees due to loss or damage to company’s     assets or any other cause.

5)Wrong credit or debit entry in the books of account of either party.

6) Quality difference

6) Any other circumstances which requires to issue a debit note


In the same way, as explained above, circumstances may arise when an organisation may require to issue a credit note or receive a credit note.

In case of issue of Credit note to a third party, you have to credit supplier’s account and debit the related expenses head account.

Let’s assume, you have agreed to pay a purchase invoice within 1 month time to your suppliers however, you couldn’t manage to pay and your supplier agreed for a delayed payment at an interest rate of @2. p.m. for the same

Now, you have to issue a credit note to your supplier debiting interest account and crediting his account with the amount of interest.

One thing is very important to note, that you can not issue a debit or credit note to any government department, bank etc. It is applicable only for private organisation.

An employee can not issue a debit or credit note but you can do so.

In tally, Debit and credit notes are managed through Journal voucher entry.

I will post the same by writing an another article.

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    • OK Soon I will write about remote access to tally. you can view your data anywhere from the world.the only condition is both the computer must be connected through internet.
      For vat returns please refer my post about vat and excise in tally. if need more information please revert back.

  2. Kavita Mosamkar says:

    Thanks a lot to Add your article of Credit & Debit note. Its a most of Important Notes in Tally.. Even im also confussed wheh we have to issue CR & DR ? But really you explain very very well. Thanks a lot. ..

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    in journal entry , by mistake one voucher was enter in optional voucher,then few day after i saw the partys account, there are no transaction in his account i know the bill was enter becasue it is new party and its ledger is created but entry is not saw in is the any configure are in tally for saw optional voucher.pls send feedback.

    few days ago my question for service tax is solved by you successfully.

    • Vijay,
      Optional vouchers can be seen by Display Exception reports
      Else you can also view it from Display statement of accounts, statsticks
      Next time, when you ask here, please do not forget to mention your Tally serial number else the query will not be attended

  7. Thanks a lot for help & next time i remember to mention tally serial number.

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    How to print Debit Note Voucher in bill format.

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    • Hi….
      I’m Magi Student of CA Academy
      R u need credit note Information just see…

      A credit note is a monetary instrument issued by a seller that allows a buyer to purchase any item or service from that seller on a future date.

      Credit notes may be issued by a seller as a goodwill gesture to a buyer who wishes to return previously purchased merchandize (instead of cash repayment) in circumstances where the original sales agreement did not include an explicit refund policy for returned items. In such circumstances, a credit note of value equal to the price of the returned item is usually issued allowing the buyer to exchange his purchase for other items available with the seller.

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    • Priyanaka,

      All Accounting entries depends on the nature of transactions. Now a software can’t do a magic that can offer you ready made entries.
      You have to study the relationship of branches and HO. Otherwise, I am pretty sure in B. Com Accounting books there are plenty of examples of Branches/HO u have to use the same principles here in real life

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  21. I cant make debit note in tally erp 9 what to do ?
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    I cant make debit note or credit note entry in tally erp 9 what to do ?
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    Tally erp 9.1.52 – Sr.No.77xxxxxxx
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    • Rajesh,
      have you enabled Debit and Credit note option in your Tally.erp 9 ?
      if not then first of all go to F11, Inventory option and under invoicing set yes to debit and credit note
      then save the form

      regarding classification “others” can you explain me where are you facing the problem ?
      if you can send a screen shot of your problem with more specific details I will be able to help you with a precious solution

      • Sir , i am using Tally.ERP.9 Release 1.1
        while entring credit notes or debit notes , it says ” Adjustments, classification,others does not exit ”
        in F11 i have already given yes for debit notes and credit notes.
        Thank you sir

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    • Hello Rajesh,
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  49. Sir , i am using Tally.ERP.9 Release 1.1
    while entring credit notes or debit notes , it says ” Adjustments, classification,others does not exit ”
    in F11 i have already given yes for debit notes and credit notes.
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