Data split in tally|Think for due date while posting entries in tally

Data splitting in tally is very necessary upon completion of the financial year.Data splitting means separation of two financial year of the company data. Data spiting help you to avoid creating a new company for every financial year. If you create a new company for the new financial year, then you will have to go a long way e.g. creating all the new ledger, grouping, opening balances sheet further, there will not be consistency in the financial reports. So, the best solutions is to split your data between two difference year. It will also speed up your tally software and it will require less MB spaces.

Recently one tally nine reader Ms.Shakuntala, raised a problem while she was trying to split the company for the new financial year starting from 1st April, 2010. When she try to split the data, she was facing an error namely incorrect due date for bill ref. no…. due to this, she was not able to split her data. After modifying that particular bill due date, she had successfully splited her data.

Tally support helped her to identify the particular bill

Let me explain you this problem and solutions in more details.

when you create a supplier ledger, it will ask for default credit period. I will suggest you, even if you don’t have any credit policy for your supplier/debtors, you should specify a default credit period of 15 days, 30 days or whatever you wish so.Do this job starting from the first bill of the  .supplier. IF you set a default credit period for a supplier/customer after entering few bills, then re enter all the past bill of that supplier again setting a default due date.

If you don’t do this, then tally system will automatically pick a due date which might be a date prior to the commencing of the current financial year and due to this, you will not be able to split your data!

If you are facing such problem, and not able to identify that particular bill  which is creating problem in data splitting then don’t’ worry. Here is a way to find out that bill. First of all, run your data splitting wizard and it will tell you the reference number of the bill which has an incorrect due date.After that, following process, will help you to find out this bill.

Go to Display from the main menu of tally.

image thumb2

Select Statements of accounts

image thumb3

Select outstanding

image thumb4

select Payable  (you may follow the same process step by step in case of receivable)

image thumb5

It will show you all the bill reference number, voucher number, name of supplier and its due date. alternatively you

Alternatively, Press Alt+F12

and select the criteria as shown below

image thumb8

in the blank field here, type the particular ref number of the bill and you will find that bill which is creating the problem. Once you find out that bill, go to alteration mode of that bill, and remove the due date . keep it blank or select any bill falling under the current FY and accept the screen.

Do share your experience with tally nine readers if ever you have used tally support.

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