Data corruption in tally 7.2 ?

In Tally 7.2, the most common problem is any time data got corrupted and you can’t log in to the company.
Solutions to that problem was to take back up frequently of your work however again you have to re enter all your entries since last back up time which is a big hazard

The best solution to the problem is migrate to tally.erp 9 as till date I never see any single instance of this problem and I never lose any my single entry after migrating to tally.erp 9 in spite of so many power disturbance or any other reason

One another good feature of tally.erp 9 is that u can take back up (by copy paste method) at any time even if you are working on it, viewing any ledger or printing or making entry which was not possible in earlier version of tally.

However, if due to some reason, you still love to stick to outdated version of tally 7.2 and if your data corrupted, then here is an another solution to this.

Start your tally and go to main menu. (if your tally load the company by default then disable it by editing tally.ini file)
Now PRESS alt+ctr+R ( R means Re-write ). This option is well known as Re write books of account.
You will be prompted to select the company to re-write. Select and confirm.
It will display the process in progress, wait until it finish 100%
If your luck is good then the process will finish 100% and you will be able to get your data back and can work again otherwise, tally will quite and you have to restore your old data back up  if the same is handy, but if not then you have no option except writing all the entries again.

If you find any problem or looking solutions for tally 7.2, do not hesitate to contact me by.

About the author /

Mahendra is founder and CEO of the I Vision Infotech, Authorised Tally Sales and Service Partner and helping Tally users to learn Tally and accounting free through this site


  1. Lalit Gupta

    i want to learn tally 7.2 and want to know that how to make a data entry in tally

  2. Pradeep

    when i open tally 7.2 it says “COMPANY DATE DETAILS CHANGED YOU NEED TO REWRITE IT AGAIN” when i rewrite my company it shows no vouchers entered so i lost my data

    pls help me by sending some utility so that i can repair company.500

    • Mahendra

      Sorry Pradip,

      Definitely you lost your tally data. And unfortunately there is no such utility to repair company.500 or to recover your data.
      I only can suggest you to upgrade your tally 7.2 to tally.erp 9 at the earliest as in tally.erp there is no chance of data corruption

      • Tarun Kumar Sharma

        I Use the tally 7.2 and our one company data has been corrupted
        File : D:\tally72\data005\Tr01339.500
        Size 128
        Position: 128
        Chars : 128(Done 0)

        I Using the Ctrl+Alt+R (But Not done 100%)
        So Please Help me I have a backup upto 15 May but i have lots of entries in tally Aprox. over the 3500 entries Please Help me

        • Mahendra

          You need to hire a professional if you don’t want to re-enter all your entries. Depending on the size of your data, they may charge Rs. 2000-5000! I don’t think some will help you for your own mistake.
          Best solutions is to upgrade your software to Tally.erp 9 where data never get corrupted!

          I have no sympathy for Tally 7.2 users!

          • Jayganesh


            Even Tally ERP9 the same error will appear.

            when ?

            1. Improper Shutdown
            2. Sudden Power failure


    • ritesh agrawala

      open tally and use f1 key to select company and than use ctrl+ alt+R after this select the company to which u want to rewrite

  3. sanjay

    dear sir
    i use tally 72,in this software my one entry is damage and i found this entry but when i try to delete this i sea the massage contact tally solution memory violation i am very tride please send solution and oblige

  4. nimish

    i have taken a back up of my data in tally 7.2 by copying the data file in c: drive. and i formatted the computer .
    now when i try to restore it by copying it or by restore option then there is no data found when i open tally.

    please help me how to restore it

    • Mahendra

      Dear Nimish,
      Please Quote your tally 7.2 Serial Number. You may find it from the top right side bar navigation of your tally 7.2
      Please note that we will help only if you have a licensed version of tally products.

  5. Sushil

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    sir when i start entry purchase in 01-04-2010 financial year
    my first entry is currect on 01-04-2010
    ofter then second entry 05-04-2010 in error
    plz rply me..


    i want 2 activate tally 7.2
    i hav a licence ver. but now is not activate
    error is versoin missmatch
    plzzzz urgent

  7. bharath

    Hello sir…

    Am using tally erp 9 many company data am using some company am login time its asking rewrite again again daily some particular company only what solution for this one….

  8. suresh.v

    i took tally backup before 5 days after i have entered some entries in tally now i want to open backup file. how to open? if i open with restore option, data will loss which i entered from lost 5 days. please help me to open backup file without lost data.

    • Mahendra

      Create a new directory say data101 or data999 within your tally folder.
      Set the data path through your tally.ini file or through F12 Data configuration if you are using tally.erp 9
      restore here your old data. now u can see your old data back up
      while your current data will also there in the originial data folder.
      You can compare both the data by running two instance of tally.erp 9 and can load two different company at the same of time.
      I hope, it will be serve your purpose

  9. surendra sharma

    One of my company in tally 72 is not working rest all are working fine. How to resolve the problem pl. reply.

    • Mahendra

      Re write that particular company by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R

  10. chaitanya

    help me in tally7.2 about errors for edit / delete option .
    whenever i like 2 changes in tally 7.2 error display that

    • Mahendra

      Sorry, Chaitanya,
      I do not provide any support to 7.2 Tally users. if you can upgrade your software to tally.erp 9 through us then I will be glad to assist you

  11. rachit garg

    sir while i m working on tally7.2 due to power cut my tally data has been corrupted it doesn’t work but it sees all entries .
    it shows error msg like file tr001330.tbk …….
    i already done ctrl+alt+r but no result
    plz help me out

    • Mahendra

      Dear Rachit,
      Sorry to hear about such sad incidents.
      This is the biggest problem with Tally 7.2 which I can never seen with Tally.erp 9 .We face 4-5 times frequent power disturbance every hour but my Tally.erp 9 data never get corrupted.
      Unfourtunately No one will provide support for Tally 7.2 however, if you upgrade your software to Tally.erp 9 through us then I can try to help you in this matter.

    • Ahsan

      If you want repair your data which is not repair through alt+ctrl+r then mail me.
      i will give you suggession for that dirty problems.and yu will found 101% your data.

      Best regard

      • Mahendra

        Thanks Ashan,
        Your offer to help tallynine readers is very much appreciated

      • Mahesh


        Please help me recover data saved on Tally version 7.2 lost due to power failure and subsequent file corruption.

        • Mahendra

          Hello Mahesh,
          I am sorry no body will provide support for Tally 7.2. I would suggest you to upgrade to Tally.erp 9

      • ashok

        please provide me to your rewrite technic

      • Amit Shaily

        how to re-write data which is not repair through alt + ctl + r

      • Rishikesh

        Sir when i press “v” to to make entries and when i go to display>day book, it shows some error and shuts down. Exact msg shown to me is:

        Exiting Tally!
        File: “E:\Tally72\Data002\Tr01336.500″
        Size: 99584
        Position: 99584
        Chars: 128 (done 0)

        Please help

      • Mitesh Shah

        My Data is Not Recover by rewriting data.When I do rewrite data Folder Then is Stop at phase one Please Help me to recover my data

      • khemdeo

        My Tally data curupt, we rewrite but all entry loss please do solution

      • BINEESH

        same complaint. only getting datas till april 2013, not getting may,jun,july, aug datas. please help me

  12. solomon

    sir i want details and any software in convert excel sheet into tally 7.2 or how to import excel format into tally

  13. Dhiraj Kumar Ojha

    How to view a single Head of two different company in tally 7.2


    company name : Head
    KSPL1 Mr. Ojha Expense
    KSPL2 Mr. Ojha Expense

  14. Alakesh

    Plz tel me how to delete a company in tally 7.2

    • Mahendra

      Sorry no support for Tally 7.2

    • Amit Shaily

      go in side company and press alt + f3 and alter company and press alt + D

  15. vrushali

    please help me in converting the sales register from tally to excel file

    • Mahendra

      Surely, I can help you but only if you mention your Tally Serial number because we provide Free Support only to Genuine user of Tally.erp 9

  16. harvinder

    can u tell me sir how can we show terms & conditons below the invoice in 7.2 & 9.erp
    plzz give response

  17. venugopal


    I had forgotten my password in tally 7.2 how to recover it.

    please help me.


      PLEASE CONTACT ME AT 09xxxxx (removed by the site admin)


      • Mahendra

        Sorry, I don’t allow advertisement of others on the site

      • Amit Shaily

        dear sir how can i recove tlly password tally.erp9


    sir i want to know that can i get back the tally 7.2 data if it is in “c” drive if drive get formated

  19. suman

    i have used tally9.butmy system window 7 ,tally 7.2 loaded my system doesnot process 7.2 .please sir find out the sollution

    • Mahendra

      Not able to understand your query.
      Is your problem related to Tally 9 or Tally 7.2
      Be sure windows 7 having nothing to related with a Tally version. I am using both Tally.erp 9 and Tally 7.2 on windows 7.
      Pl.mention your tally serial number so that I can identify which version you are using

  20. madhavi jedhe

    we are using tally7.2, it is not allowing me to change date.

    kindly help

  21. mohit

    I m using tally 7.2. my hard disc corrupted n i managed ot recover tally data…..
    but when i open company n press “v” to inter new voucher it shows following message.
    Exiting Tally!
    File not found.
    Attempting to open”c:\Tally7.2\Data7.2\1001\Tr01331.500″
    Please help…

    • Mahendra

      you need to upgrade your license to Tally.erp 9 through us to get free help

      • mohit

        but I m using tally erp 9 also…
        it’s auditor version…
        then what to do now….
        to repair said data….

        • Mahendra

          It’s a chargeable service. Plz fill out our contact us page and than we will help to recover your Data

  22. VEENA

    sir while i m working on tally7.2 due to power cut my tally data has been corrupted it doesn’t work but it sees all entries .
    it shows error msg like file tr01332.500
    i already done ctrl+alt+r but no result
    plz help me out

    • Mahendra

      We are repeated advising Tally 7.2 to upgrade to Tally.erp 9 but the business owners sticking to old age software. Let’ them suffer the problem. I have no time to waste after Tally 7.2 lovers

  23. gaurav

    I am using tally 7.2 ,when i print out the any ledger a/c ,the print was not showing the complete vocher No,even preview shown completely

  24. kalyani

    in tally 7.2, i am not able to edit the alternate units for the stock item. the customer has requested that in the invoice the stock quantity should be specified in Litres as well as units. for the new product i have specified in Ltrs and Units also. But for already existing products it is not allowing to add the alternate units. please do the needful

  25. jamal

    whats the reason about select company option not activate or disable in tally 7.2 pls help me sir………..

  26. madhuri

    please help me .me tally 7.2 use karti hu,lekin tally me problem e hai ki me jo bhi entry kar rahi hu vo accept nahi hoti lekin uske bad agr me esc karti hu to error ata hai tally not respondin please reply me fast

    • pankaj jindal

      try rewriting the company using ctrl + alt + r

    • mak

      Please see if your Num Lock button is off? Make it it ON and then it will allow you to make entries in Tally.

  27. pankaj jindal

    I am using tally9.erp release 1.1 and is now in a problem.
    I mistakenly altered my company and changed the effective date from 01-04-2010 to 01.04.2012 and now when i am selecting my company its showing date details changes need to rewrite. If i am rewriting the company its not showing my data. can you help me out.
    Please it’s urgent……

    • Mahendra

      I am sorry, I have repeatedly requesting people not to post any query without mentioning their Serial number still very few people mention the Serial number.
      We do not help anybody unless a query is posted with the serial number.

  28. Vineet

    C\tally\data028\tr01333.500 exiting tally error occured
    plz solve my problem

  29. panneer

    I am panneer. i am facing hanging problem in my tally 7.2. When i open my tally it is getting hang. The “not responding” message is showing in my task manager. I installed the tally newly, again i am facing the same problem. I think some problem is in my tally data. While data loading tally getting hang. No problem in my tally,without the particular data, there is many more important datas. please help me.

  30. akhil

    Instead of taking backup,i clicked restore and all my data is washed out…so anyone,please help me to recover my data

  31. swathi

    please help me sir
    we are using tally7.2 it is not allowing me to change date
    we pressF2but no response

  32. suhana

    plz received dr. note and cr. note against purchase and sale do work entry 7.2 version

  33. Sharad

    Sir, main tally 7.2 varsion use karta hu. sir maine ek company me pure year ki entery ki thi jiska data curupt ho gaya. maine use re-write kiya magar vo keval 90% hi re-write hui jisme keval Dec. tak ki entery hi save ho pai, magar usme sari enterya show kar rahi h dec ke baad ki entery open karne pat tally off ho ja rahi h, us company ke vouchers bhi nahi khul rahe h ki aage ki entery ho sake,
    Sir koi sulutation bataye..pls

  34. kumar


    • Mahendra

      You have to check your data directory path.
      There is no magic in this world that without viewing your system, Data directory, no one can provide you a solution in this way

  35. pradeep

    i want to learn tally acountancy did you have any correspondence course please tell me

  36. Amudha

    Sir when i press alt “p” to take print out. When i go to Multi-Account Printing> Account Books> Ledger> All Accounts > Alt P it shows some error and shuts down. Exact msg shown to me is:

    Exiting Tally!
    File: “E:\Tally72\Data0051\Tr01323.500″
    Size: 3072
    Position: 3072
    Chars: 128 (done 0)

    Please help me immediately.

  37. vic

    how to alter the data if its not altering in tally 9 Erp

  38. rakesh

    my computer is format
    new tally 7.2 is insatll
    sales tax no & incometax no is not ledger in master
    only for vat no
    old entry sale tax no is sale tax no

    new tally 7.2 ma not voew tosale tax no


    Respected Sir,

    I have one confusion while operating VAT summary from tally.I want to know about that how to see & what is the path of go in 2A 2B form to attached with VAT details?kindly tell me the path.

    Thanking You
    Natasha Malhotra

  40. Niraj

    one day when i m working in tally 7.2, due to power problem my running pc stuck off. After that when again run tally , i can nt see running comapny name, while that company’s data exist in DATA folder. Please resolve the problem.

  41. Vaibhav Aggarwal

    i am using tally 7.2 and want to migrate data in tally 9. but it always giving an error massage(DATE REQUIRED) for some vouchers.
    plz resolve the problem

  42. saravanan

    When i open my tally it is getting hang. so i have to restart my server agian and again I installed the tally newly, again i am facing the same problem. I think some problem is in my tally data. While data loading tally getting hang. No problem in my tally,without the particular data, there is many more important datas. please help me.

    • sanjeev kumar

      If your tally hangs or crashes upon start, then add this line into your tally.ini file:

      sound= no

      That’s it.

  43. chezhian

    We are having Multiuser Licensed Tally 9.
    we are getting frequently restore error when we use in third system during Journal entry. Kindly suggest.

  44. Soumesh Chakraborty

    Sir, I am having a problem after formatting my machine.
    I was using Tally 7.2, and I have created all the required data backup in my Pen drive.. Now I can not restore my back up data, ” Insert disk into drive” shows, although I have entered correct source. The default destination is ” C:\Tally\Data “. I have tried to restore my backed up data earlier, and I was successful then. Please help me out as sharp as possible.
    with warm regards,


    i am user of tally 7.2 i do my account with inventory problem is that how can i print my sundary debtors/creditors statement in which inventory detail also shown.please reply me.

    • Mahendra

      Hello Atul,
      Tally 7.2 is a dead product and we do not offer any support for 7.2.

  46. rajababu puvvada

    I am having tally 7.2,by mistake we are creating two many accounts in the same we want to delet the other to tell me


  47. baskar

    Dear friend few days back i was working in tally erp9 after that i kept my system idle and then after some time i try to make some entry the tally automatically it quits after that i am not able to open the company in the data folder all the data’s are ther one more new data is there tmessage file pls suggest me to come out this problem

  48. saravanan

    sir not working in tally 7.2 in windows 7 sir pleare tell the solution of tally 7.2 worm\king in windows 7

  49. Chandrashekar

    Tally erp 9 is not getting opening and it gets hang. Deleted the temp files, updated the antivirus, and scanned the system, but the problem is persists.

    • Mahendra


      Please refer our comment policy. We offer support only if a client shares their Serial Number!

    • Mahendra

      Mr. Chandrashekar,
      You have not mentioned your Tally Serial Number, please read our comment policy, We generally help only if a question is posted as per our comment policy.

  50. meera

    dear sir,

    what is free hold property?

    what is interest on investment?

    Please tell me what is compa
    ny creation

    what you mean by Accounts only, Account wih inventory?

    • Mahendra

      Hello meera,
      Will respond you latter all your queries.

  51. meera

    dear sir,

    please tell me adjustment entry

    i forget adjustment entry problem please tell me

    • Mahendra


      When you ask a question, you should have a clear idea of exactly what you want ?
      There might be 100s adjustment entries ! you should be more specific about your requirement rather than sailing whole sea?

  52. suraj kejriwal

    sir, in tally 7.2 , ater create our account when i pass journal entry in accounting then at the time of change date then no response given by tally….if i give month first and end name then tally taken but when i give date like 08.04.2011, 09.04.2011 etc. then tally not taken…..pllzzzz give me answer ….

    • Mahendra

      Hello Suraj,
      That is because, you are using an educational version of the software. So, it won’t allow you to use it commercially!

  53. BAIJU

    how can find last sale or purchasing rate for products

    where can change settings

  54. Rupam Deb


    I had forgotten my password in tally 7.2 how to recover it.

    please help me.

    Rupam Deb

  55. Manjunath

    I am facing problemmin tally erp about actiavtion every alternate day its ask for activation

    • Mahendra

      Please contact your TSP.I am sure they will assist you.

  56. arun

    i lost my tally 7.2 password how can we open the co. plz suggest asap.

  57. sankar

    dear sir,
    how to tally7.2 date covert to tally 9 please reply sir very arrgent please help

  58. rajugupta

    problrm for
    software exception c0000005
    memory access violation
    tally ies 7.2 multiuser

  59. Sanjeev Kumar

    We own 3 desktops and 2 laptops with a LAN.

    When Tally 7.2 starts hanging on 1 pc (as soon as it starts, it hangs), we’ve to force close it, it starts hanging on every machine.

    Most machines have XP SP3 on them. I’ve tried stopping print spoolers, checking read-only status of tally folders. Stopping auto loading of companies etc.

    The problem disappears for a short time when we create a new user.

    Kindly help. My serial number is

    • sanjeev kumar

      I solved this problem of mine by just adding a simple line into my tally (7.2 or ERP 9) config file, i.e. tally.ini:

      sound= no

      That’s it.

      • Mahendra

        Thanks Sanjiv,
        I am not aware of it but definitely it is interesting

  60. Santosh Chaudhary


    I got tally 9.ERP v3.4, last evening somehow my laptop got out of power, when i restared my system back, tally not showing the company in company list.

    in the data folder company data is there but missing two files. CmpSave.900 & LinkMgr.900

    Do we have any way out to recover the data.

    • Hitesh

      Dear Santosh, I have the same problem , kindly advise if there is any option to recover the file Cmpsave.900

  61. ramana

    dear sir,
    i have gone through your replys and it was very appreciative in prompt reply. my brother was using tally 7.2 he wanted to migrate from 7.2 to 9 by mistakely he copied the data folder in tally instead of taking backup of his company in tally. he formatted the system he was left with data folder with all .500 files in them. can you guide me how to recover the old data in tally 7.2 or 9. thanking you sir

    • rachana

      sir please tell me sir tally 7.2 me file damage show ho raha ha mera sara data damage ho gaye ha mere pas back up ha but back up bhi restore nahi ho raha ha back up pichle 2006 se sep. 2012 tak ka ha sir please tell me kya mujhe phir se new file banakar 2006 se entry karna hoga please koi solution bataiye i am so confuse

  62. Baiju

    For error like
    File : D:\tallyERP\10005\TranMgr.900
    Size 128
    Position: 128
    Chars : 128(Done 0)

    Do the following steps:
    First create a copy of the data folder. so that if something goes wrong you will have atleast a copy of it.

    Secondly, open tally data folder and delete all .TSF files.

    Then restart Tally and try to open the company. It will work.

  63. hemant mehta

    I was having the problem as data corruptions in Tally 7.2. and almost i had lost my one year data. but thank god i recover the same by following the procedure mentioned by Mr. Mahendera. I would like to thank you for the same sir.

  64. Jinendra

    i m suing tally7.2 single user now i want upgrade to tally ERP. How i acn do it wht cost i have to pay

  65. Jinendra

    i m using tally7.2 single user now i want upgrade to tally ERP. How i acn do it wht cost i have to pay

  66. sakshi

    hello sir ,
    good evening
    sir plz mujhe vat or cst ke bare me guide kare

  67. indrajeet

    hanging problem in tall9 when i accept and i quit every time tally was hanging what can i do please give solution

  68. shahadat

    Dear Sir,
    For data recovery I done Ctrl+Alt+R then selet the company.But I could not go the data of this company.

    I enter the company but I did not got data

    please help me how way got the data


    • Mahendra

      IF your data corruption is a major one, you can not get it back. Probably you are using older version of Tally.
      you should contact some Tally expert on chargeable basis or should write your data again

  69. Kashmir

    (tally7.2)i am facing existing tally error, i tried to rewrite the same but problem is there some problem with a particular file that for june month when delete that file from the folder its working when copy the deleted file its will be auto remove by tally when i open the tally, i have creat a june entry after that the same file name created when i try to replace my old file with new one its giving the same error again plz help

  70. Faisal

    Dear Sir,

    I am using tally ERP 9 (Single user) when i open my data in tally it is showing that “Data of Incorrect Ver(7) can only run version 6! , please help me sir how could i open my data bcz next week my company’s auditing will start before that i have to clear my issues


  71. Mayur

    Deae sir I have problem with tally 7.2 data

    • Mahendra Rana

      Tally 7.2 is a dead Product
      No official support please

  72. kaushik

    but problem is not riper error code is c0000005(memory access error )

  73. Komal

    Dear Sir,

    I am using tally 9 when i open my data in tally it is showing that “tally 9 shortcut problem! , please help me sir how could i open my data . please reply me.



    Sir,i am using tally 7.2 for last 2 years. My problem is that recently my stock list is not being opened in sales account. I can see my stock list in stock summary but not in my sales account to type a new bill.
    please reply as soon as you can.

  75. srinivas

    tally erp9 and tally 9. are the same or different

  76. Abdul M. Khan

    I am doing entries in tally7.2 last 4years, But now these days I have purchase a new Pc where installed windows 7 and when I installed tally7.2 . it installed successfully but not run. Please help me
    or give me accept tally9 or other version.

  77. Harish Pote

    Hi sir
    Problem in Tally 72 Existing error

    File : D:\tallyERP\10005\TranMgr.900
    Size 128
    Position: 128
    Chars : 128(Done 0)

  78. DEEPTI

    i am using tally erp 9, and when i want to transfer the data from my laptop to another laptop…while restoring the data, it is showing PLEASE INSERT DRIVE 1.
    please guide me ..



  79. carlos

    Good day. pls i always experience hang up on Tally 9 whenever the server is idle, clients won’t be able have access, even on the server until i reboot the server. pls advice on what to do. thank you.

  80. Olaotan

    Hi, i am using Tally.erp 9 unlimited users, i am currently having some issues with it. it asks for re-write again and again. please what could be the problem and solution.

  81. Star Motors

    I Use the tally 7.2 and our one company data has been corrupted
    File : D:\tally72\data001\Tr01365.500′
    Size 128
    Position: 19968
    Chars : 128(Done 0)
    I Using the Ctrl+Alt+R but not anything Done
    So Please Help me I haveno anybuddy backup but i have lots of entries in tally Aprox. over than 1000 upto 1500 entries Please Help me

    • Mahendra

      Start Motors,

      I am very sorry about the issues you are facing. Unfortunately there is no way to recover those entries.
      If you were using Tally.ERP 9 it may never happen

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