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An Accounting software is useful when it provides some facility to work with easy, accuracy and speedy or offers its users some short cuts to save item and resources.

Fortunately, in tally.erp there is lot of some additional features are available out of which we have already discussed. One such tally tip is creating multiple ledger in tally in one go. Multiple ledger creation in tally save your time by creating many ledgers in one go without any need to create a ledger one by one.You may select different ledger group for each different ledger under multi ledger creation.

tips and tricks in tally

today, I will let you know one more useful feature of tally.erp 9 that is creating multiple ledger in one go.This facility is very important when you are creating a new company in tally and pulling your opening balance from other accounting software or a manual books of accounts.Creating ledger is many important and first  function in tally after creating a new company in tally and without creating ledger, you will not be able to post anyvoucher entry in tally.

Sometimes ledger creation in tally is a boring work esp. if you have to create a large number of new ledger with opening balance, but this feature will help you to do this work interestingly. for this, you have first to take all ledgers to a particular group say first let’s enter all ledger belongs only to sundry creditors.

Go to your tally main menu then Accounts Info

now select ledger and then select Create under Multiple ledger

You will find following screen, it will show you first of all default group. if you want to create a new group, you can do so by clicking ALT+C

otherwise select a group, say sundry creditors

and then hit the keys, serial number will be auto generated

star typing name of sundry creditors  and just enter the opening balance

select Cr/Dr balance whatever the ledger has

You can type and fill up any number of ledger you wish so. at any time, you may accept the screen

all your new ledger account will be created in one go.

Those who wanted to learn tally from basic, they should use this facility to create as much as possible to understand how tally system work. I highly recommend this feature for all new tally learner. it will save them from any undue confusion of selecting wrong group.

Do, let me know if you have any problem or share your experience on any such tally tips and tricks

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