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Tally TDL how to modify company features F11 ?

Here is one more TDL source code to modify the Company Feature F11. This TDL will help you to write your own TDL code to modify the company features and you put your own menu anywhere in the Company features. read our past post on TDL to learn more about it.
leger master TDL

how to modify Ledger Master : Learn TDL

Tally TDL allows to modify default report in Tally so that you can get your own defined report.TDL is developer’s tool to customize Tally. Here is a free TDL code by which you can alter the default ledger master creation/alteration screen and you can add your own desired input (UDF). In this article is explained how to add bank account number, name of bank and IFSC code of supplier in a supplier’s ledger master so that it can be capture in contact details at any time from the report menu

learn tdl | how to create a new field in Ledger Master ?

TDL help to customise default tally reporting system. It is a domain specific language and if it help you to mold tally as per your wish.Learn how to create an UDF in the default ledger master in tally.TDL is easy to learn but requires a lot of practical example and a self learning process.

Learn Tally TDL : Our First TDL

tally TDL is tally’s domain specific language. you can learn tally tdl very easy. write your own first tdl program with the help of tutorial provided in this article. Tally tdl help you to customise your default tally. writing your first tdl is very very easy and it does not require any specific knowledge of programming. you can write your first tdl in notepad.