Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9

Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9   is Tally’s one of the amazing  feature which I like very much because   Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9 reduce the manual work load. It is easy,fast and very convenient. Cheque printing in Tally.ERP 9 within an accounting software help accountant to the great extent. it avoids error in writing cheques. Preparing cheque in accounts is a boring  and time-consuming routine work. Those Tally users who have accounts with Axis bank can be benefited from this article by learning Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9

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Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9  how to go ahead

If you have an account with axis bank than surely this article will help to set up the Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9 in Tally. All, you need to have to put the dimensions of cheque in mm.

First of all, Create a bank ledger for Axis bank under Group bank account. Once you create the ledger, Press F11. In Accounting Features, you will find an option set cheque printing. Set it to yes. Now Set yes to Alter Cheque Printing Configuration. It will display a pop up window asking the company name and the bank for which you wish to print cheque. Once you press enter it will ask you to fill up the dimensions of the bank ledger. Please follow the screen shot as mentioned below and accept the page.

for other bank like HDFC, SBI, Bank of Baroda, PNB, you can alter this dimensions using real dimension of your hard cheque and a scale. its is very easy to set up yourself.

Axis Bank Cheque Printing  Dimensions in Tally

Here is the screen shot of complete dimension printing of Cheque from Tally.erp 9

axischeque 125x125

Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9



By applying a little little trial and error method, Axis Bank Cheque Printing will help you to do this thing FREE OF COST and I am sure you will be happy by doing it yourself. Cheque Printing will work on any printer but my favorite is HP1029

Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9  Final thought

Cheque printing will help in error free speedy work and you don’t need to prepare manual cheque from Tally. The moment you post a payment voucher, the cheque will be printed from Tally just giving a print command to print cheque. Isn’t it that great ? The first step I suggest to any organization who are interested to set up a system is to set up cheque printing from Tally.

If you face any difficulty, than just drop your comments here, I will be glad to assist you.

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Share your experience if you use to  Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9


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105 thoughts on “Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9

  1. I got great cheque printing from Heartland Printing & Graphics. Good prices.

  2. Mahesh Khimji Makavana says:

    Please make HDFC Bank Cheque.

  3. Dear Maheshji,
    Don’t worry during my next issue I will cover this.

  4. Can you please upload HDFC Bank (Preferred) Cheque for Tally 9.ERP ??

  5. Aditya vyas says:


    • Dear Aditya,
      Axis bank dimension is already available on my site. please browse the site or try to search through lijit search there.
      For other bank you can use trial and error method based on the axis bank dimension

      • we want Axis bank chq dimentions plz send it as earlier message u send it as SCB ka same only I wanted plz.

  6. Please can u do it for bank of baroda
    i tried many times but i m unsuccessfull

  7. Please upload the Tamilnad mercantile bank cheque printing Configuration
    It most useful for me.

  8. Aditya Vyas says:


  9. Please tell me ICICI Bank cheque setting in tally software

  10. Hello,
    I want to know how to give the cheque printing of Amanath Bank Details in tally 9, Ple show it in my ID

  11. Hai.
    Ple Send it immediatly Amanath Bank Cheque Printing Details, Iam already adjusted enable cheque printing – yes.
    I do nt how to give the ruf printing

  12. Hello sir, thank you for your reply
    sir i make it full adjustment but i don”t where can i go to the print option. Ple send it immediatly.

    • Aruna,
      First set the dimensions.
      and accept the screen by pressing Ctrl+a
      now go to voucher entry
      write bank payment voucher
      save the voucher
      then recall the same voucher by pressing Ctrl+enter
      press Alt+P
      it will ask you to print cheque
      if it ask you to print a voucher then select no press esc
      it will again ask you to print a cheque
      press ALt+p again and it will start printing cheque
      feel free in case of further difficulty
      Please post your queries on our

  13. Hi,

    When I enter All the dimensions for my cheque ( SBI ) it gets the company detail at the Bottom , ( For (company name )

    whereas the bank already prints this for us , How to get rid of this when printing in tally.

  14. I did that but still I am getting the first line(company name) , though my (authorised signatories) are gone after I took them away.

  15. Can u provide me the dimensions of the Bank of baroda cheque for printing in tally 7.2

  16. How does one print a self cheque in TALLY 9

    • Dear Shivaprasad,
      Will appreciate if you can quote your tally serial number so that i can help you in printing self cheque

  17. i want to do ch printing from tally 7.2 & i also want to convert my data of tally 7.2 to tally 9
    plz help me for this thing

    thanking you

    • Sujata,
      Cheque printing depends on the bank you use. and for migration of your tally 7.2 data to Tall 9, please contact me at my mail ID. I will help you in a systematic migration to Tally 9/ Tally.ERP 9

    • first create companty,then create ledger named hdfc,under bank account,after that press f11 from gatewayof tally.goto features and enable the last options(set\alter….)>enable cheak printing>comp. name-anything
      name of bank-select hdfc by pressing spaebar-press enter and put the value-204,92,9,160,20,14,170,40.50,6,33,100,36,153,39,65,140,50,19..then accept it and goto payment voucher

      by salary a/c 10000dr
      to hdfc 10000cr

      mention cheaque number and press enter and accept it,automatically a new window comes andclick with preview>press enter>and>alt+z to zoom…if it works please say thanks to me

  18. hemangi jadhav says:

    sir i want the cheque dimension for THE NKGSB CO-OP BANK LTD.




  19. dear sir,
    can u plz help me with chq printing option for dena to configuration.plz plz mail me

  20. Rashika Agarwal says:

    dear sir,
    can u plz help me with chq printing option for vijaya to configuration.plz revert back

  21. dear sir pl send the indian bank chq printing configuration along with all the bank conf. as u have and advice me how to do it?

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    i want to printing cheque of
    central bank of india
    i tried but icant config. it
    pls. help me to set confg. cheque

    chirag joshi

  23. Kindly send me the dimensions of corporation bank cheque printing. thanking you

  24. Dear Sir

    Please sent it Punjab National bank Cq Printing Configuration details

  25. We are used cheque printing from tally.9erp rel 1.6. we have following
    We are used cheque printing from tally.9erp rel 1.6. we have following

    1) we have two banks cheque to print but one is perprint co name & other is plain show please provide us with proper solutions.
    2) we want ref no. (bill no.) printing on the cheque.

    pl. do the needful at you best.

    Sanghvi Towel
    Suresh A. Shah

  26. we are used cheque printing in Tally ERP 9 rel.2.1
    but date,party name,amount in figure all font aresprinted very small size
    how can change font size i want standard size

  27. P.SRINIVASA RAJU says:

    Kindly send me the dimensions of UINTED BANK OF INDIA cheque printing. thanking you

    • Dear P. Srinivasa Raju,
      you must mention your Tally.erp 9 serial number to get free support from us. otherwise I am sorry, I can’t help you. Your Tally serial number will not be published anywhere. It is only for our administrative purpose and also we want to restrict our support only to genuine user of Tally.erp 9

  28. i want to print cheque and logo in my invoice and how to set margins plz sugess me as soon as possible

  29. Dear Sir,
    Pls make a sizes of ICICI Bank Cheque. give me a quick response.

  30. Samrat Poddar says:

    please provide how to set Cheque printing in tally 9.1 for Bank of Baroda, I tried ur method but the amount in words is getting divided in two line where as when u see in print it does not require to be on two lines but can easily acomodate in single line, please help.

  31. Dear sir, my name is lalit and tally erp 9 serial no. Is 7xxxxxx (edited by Site Admin). For cheque printing I need the deminssion of PNB, PSB, and kotak mahindra bank. So, kindly send its as soon as possible. I’ll be very thankful to you for the same.

  32. suryaprakash tiwari says:

    sir pls tel me, how to set the bank of baroda cheque printing confrigation setting in Tally.erp9,because in book of tally.erp9 only tow bank confrigation setting.give me quickly response

    • Suryaprakash,
      If you a MTP than you must be aware to use the support Center of Tally.erp 9 or you may also ask to Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
      We have stopped providing help to any MTP

  33. suryaprakash tiwari says:

    sir i am master tally partne pls its my 7XXXXXXXX,pls give me quick reply

  34. Sir,
    Please send me the dimension for cheque printing on IDBI Chequ leaf, after so many tryout i have facing little difference please suggest me at the earilest


  35. how take Axis bank cheque print out tell me detail

  36. I am using Axis Bank cheque. The amount in words is getting devided into two lines, eventhough the line-1 in incomplete.

    The measurement I used are: 204/95/7/180/18/20/175/30/6/25/105/36/170/35/65/150/75/30.

  37. APARNA MALLICK says:



  38. Can i set two bank cheque setting in tally…?

  39. hdfc bank or axis bank m cheque print kese kare

  40. Hi,
    can you help me with the settings to be assigned for printing chq’s for below bank:
    1. Corporation Bank

    will be oblidge if you send the same on my email id

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Please help me for hwo to cheque print in busy, or other softwear….

  44. Firdaus Rahman says:

    Dear Sir,
    My self Firdaus Rahman an Accountant in a C.A. firm in Noida.
    i am trying Excel utility prepared by Mr. Arif Masani after downloading when i opened it in Excel program. file does not open properly

    please help me regarding this problem
    Thank you
    Firdaus Rahman

  45. bhavik upadhyay says:

    please help me for cheque printing indusind bank &link send my e id

    your regards

  46. sir,
    can i know the dimensions of ingvysya bank cheque.

    • Ramu,
      Surely you can know the dimension of ING Bank
      Just take a scale and measure your actual ING bank cheque leaf with the scale in MM
      It’s really Free and you will get it.

  47. Hi

    Send me PNB Chq. Printing measurement for tally erp 9


  48. lease send me the dimension for cheque printing on HDFC Chequ leaf, after so many tryout i have facing little difference please suggest me at the earilest

  49. but no this is the only option for which i have problems, i cant enable “set/alter cheque printing configuration” option to “yes”, of course when i enter “yes” in the field i get “company cheque details” window where i enter the correct details like 1. company name on cheque and 2. Names of banks then “cheque printing configuration” window comes where i enter all the details like dimensions (exactly as per my text book) and then when i further enter, of course i can accept the accounting features changes what i have done, but later when i again go to the accounting features option i am shocked to see that “set/alter cheque printing configuration” option is automatically set to “no” (even though i set it to “yes” before accepting the changes in accounting features)

    really annoying, i never have any other problems in tally like enabling godowns, debit credit notes etc they get enabled very well
    plz help

    • Sachin,

      Set/Alter cheque printing or any other set/alter features are always set to “NO” by default. These features are used only for first time set up or next time for alternation purpose.
      So, you should not feel shock if you see the Set/alter cheque cheque printing configuration option to no because all your configuration settings are saved already and if you hit yet, you can see the same.

      in other words Set/alter chque printing “yes or No” have no effect and by default it will remain to No only

  50. komalchand babu ganvir says:

    how to print on cheque for axis bank in tally ERP9, What is cheque Configration for that? please reply me.

  51. Ananta Charan Rout says:


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    Dear Sir,

    Please make KOTAK MAHINDRA Bank Cheque Printing from Tally erp 9 Release 3.2

    It’s very very urgent

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    Plz Send me the dimensions for Axis Bank Ltd. I Can not print my Chq.

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    please provide how to set Cheque printing in tally 9 corporation bank, I tried ur method but the amount in words is getting divided in two line where as when u see in print it does not require to be on two lines but can easily acomodate in single line, please help

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  57. Dear Sir,

    I tried several times to measure the cheque of state bank of hyderabad.

    Sir Please Help me to rid out of this situation.

    Please I Bow Down To You give me the cheque format of State Bank Of Hyderabad.

    • Naman,
      I understand your frustration. However I am very since I Don’t have a physical Cheque of SBH, I can’t do it. You will agree with me that without having a physical cheque, No one can assume the size of the cheques, fields etc so it will be impossible to set the dimensions for me for SBH.
      May I suggest you the solution. Please take a one blank /cancelled actual Cheque leave with you and go to your nearest TSP (Tally Service Partner) You can find the name and address of your nearest TSP from the site
      I am sure he will solve your problem.

  58. how to use tally invoice backside printing with retail invoice i drwan a logo on background is it possible or not reply me

  59. Hi

    After so many trial and error method of Cheque Printing for HDFC Preferred Account cheque, the following will be most preferred Print Setting,from the top order


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  62. Rupesh Shah says:

    Axis bank cheque printing parameters are as under. kindly set it and enjoy.


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    Can u please send me the actual measurement of sbi cheque for printing in tally erp9. Of current account

  64. Sir,
    Your website is very useful, with a lot of help from you and others. Thanks.

    I have a HP laserjet 1020 printer attached to my Tally system. I am able to do the settings for HDFC bank cheque as you have posted.

    But how do i feed the cheques into the printer ? ( I mean the direction, facing etc.) Please help, my accounts people are fed up writing cheques everyday.

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