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Lower Deduction of TDS in Tally | How to manage

Learn how to manage lower deduction of tds in tally for certain assesses to whom the ITO issued a valied lower TDS certificate. In tally.erp 9, it is very easy to manage calculation and other related matters for such deduction and calculation is automated.All you need is one time set up for lower deduction in the supplier’s master ledger account.

Tally Integrator- TI|Expect more from Tally professionals

Tally Integrator are specialised Tally professionals who integrates other application/software with tally so that you can access data prepared by other application like MS excel etc within your tally. It will save your valuable time of preparing multiple reports for various purpose.TI provides best customised modules suitable to your needs and based on your business process

Get a tally Job with Release 2.0 now

Tally is one of biggest contributor towards job creator for skilled and unskilled persons. Now with release 2.0 students and other person can register with tally academy for Rs. 450.00 and can avail a bunch of facility.Can access prospective from the portal, can contact employer directly and even can make self assessment before recruitment.This facility is very useful for prospective employer also as it will help them to save advertisement and recruitment cost to search a suitable candidate.

Tally TDL how to modify company features F11 ?

Here is one more TDL source code to modify the Company Feature F11. This TDL will help you to write your own TDL code to modify the company features and you put your own menu anywhere in the Company features. read our past post on TDL to learn more about it.

Be Prepare for 2nd Online tally test

managing tally.erp 9 is a practical work and the more you do exercise, you will be able to learn it properly.I have created series of online tally test which will help you to understand your tally knowledge and it will boost your expertise in tally.erp 9. Participate in the online tally test and be an expert in tally.erp 9

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Fake Antivirus Alarm from kaspersky and AVG for Tally

Kaspersky’s 27th september, 2010 release treating tally as virus wrongly. This bug is confirmed by the Kaspersky and they are trying to fix the same. due to this bug, your Tally will not work so disable your antivirus

tally nine yearly revision 2009

A quick reference to new readers to find out related articles on various topic such as creating company, basic of accountancy, how to set voucher entry configuration, how to enter excise, vat and cst in tally, tally tips and tricks. have a look to the yearly revision on the site.

Learn tally and earn money

Micro-finance institution Bandhan and software firm Tally India have teamed up to empower unemployed youth, both by training them in accounting software and guiding them in finding suitable placements
release 3.

Release 3.0 on 18th February 2011| It’s official now

Release 3.0 is launching on February 18, 2011. Income Tax in Salary will be the biggest beneficial feature of this release as it will reduce the work load of accounting software almost 50% who have large number of employees under IT net. furthermore, Job work module for manufacturers, User defined back up path and restore feature, Simplified user experience with Tally.erp 9, easy cheque printing, market place for Tally users will be also landmark features for Tallyin community.